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DescriptionPLEASE read before downloading!

There will be more than 300 videos uploaded in this semi site-rip of the long dead Amazonaboys, a site for Black, Latino and Blatino hunks and twinks.
A LOT of the videos are small in size and the quality is accordingly low! Many of these originally came in 10+ sections of 30 secs. I have joined them to form one. If you want only the quality videos, deselect any less than 50mb.

Most of the videos are solo quick jack offs but there are a few duos. All the duos depict condom use.
I have worked hard to avoid dupes, but as I started with over 2,500 pieces there may one here or there.
I have spent weeks organizing and collecting these, so hitting the thanks button is appreciated. The first hundred members who donate seed points will get a free set of steak knives!

Ulisses.wmv 54.61 MB
Umber.wmv 72.73 MB
Unal.wmv 85.22 MB
Uriel.wmv 89.26 MB
Urko.wmv 94.91 MB
Vaco.wmv 100.63 MB
Valdo.wmv 25.02 MB
Vasco.wmv 101.03 MB
Vero.wmv 30.60 MB
Vicente.wmv 38.80 MB
Vico.wmv 38.50 MB
Vidal.wmv 89.43 MB
Waji.wmv 95.04 MB
Wanadi1.wmv 125.00 MB
Wilfredo.wmv 104.62 MB
wilfredo01.mp4 70.01 MB
Willy B.wmv 121.80 MB
Winnie & Blas.wmv 381.45 MB
Xachi & Tali.wmv 69.14 MB
Xachi.wmv 48.93 MB
xachi_tali10v.mpg 5.92 MB
Xantos.wmv 47.45 MB
Xari.wmv 47.69 MB
xavier video.mpg 17.51 MB
Xenin.wmv 64.05 MB
xever1.avi 140.23 MB
Xhande.wmv 41.66 MB
Xhole.wmv 46.13 MB
xhole1v.mp4 27.30 MB
Xunda A.wmv 74.90 MB
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