Hard Heroes - "Hero Play"

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DescriptionThe best superhero-themed video I have ever seen. Honestly.

Simply a must-have for all "Hard heroes" fans, and also for all BDSM lovers. If you want to see a total agony of a captured superhero being tortured without limit by cruel villains, than you will cum twice watching this video!
Starring muscleGOD Michael Vineland, who is just a perfect specimen for a superhero role: his body is so sculpted and muscled, that you'll simply cheer for the villains to beat the hell out of him, and to torture those bulging muscles even harder! A beautifully toned and defined bodybuilder, whose ripped muscles are restrained in extremely tight bondage, tries to resist the pain and to endure the heavy beating, but despite all his efforts he just can't withstand such an intense torture. You can see how tightly bound his arms are, the ropes almost cutting in those sexy muscled wrists, as well as hero's desperate struggling to free his hands... But all in vain. His biceps burst with sexual energy as he uses all his strength to break free, but this stud is not going anywhere :) He flex his muscles in effort to soften all those blows to his exposed body. Our black hero suffers beautifully and endlessly in the hands of well-skilled villains who cleverly target every critical part of stud's magnificent body.
There are several clips in this great video, all of witch depicting different torture theme and suffering of the superhero.
In first, he is unconsious, lying on the table, hands tied above his head, waiting for his captor. The captor gropes his every muscle, examining slowly his prey, and then whips his stretched abs while the hero is still unconscious. Then he awakes him cruelly with a choking, while the poor hero doesn't even realize what is happening to him. Then he punches the still dazed hero, chokes him further, attacks his nipples, abs, back and cock. The hero is in agony, not being able to defend himself not even the slightest.
In second clip, he is bound and struggling on the floor, while the mysterious fog surrounds him several times, each time leaving him more and more bound. You have to see those muscles flexing and tightening!
In third clip, the superhero is racked, and the villain attacks him further, kicking, punching, choking, hitting him with the staff, and electrocuting him with his powerful sceptre. The hero suffers dearly. He struggles and howels in pain, while the villain targets his abs and cock. At the end of the clip, the villain applies the maximum voltage, and finally kills the poor strung hero. He screams from all his lungs not being able to withstand the killing pain, and suddenly limps off his ropes and hangs from his wrists, totally motionless like a rag doll. The hero is finished, and his body will be thrown.
In forth clip, the hero hangs like a punching bag, which he actually is, beacuse in this video he is a subject to an endless and vicious beating. Extremely hard punches and kicks find their way to superhero abs, pecs, groin, back. There are also multiple choking and cock squeezing. The villain doesn't stop even for a moment, it's a punch after punch and submission after submission, like he really hates the damn hero, and wants to totally destroy his body. He ravages the poor bodybuilder so intensly, that he hero has no one minute at peace, being subjected to one continuous nonstopping torture... The hero is put to the ground, and gelled, then kicked and groped some more untill he is totally exhausted and surrendered.
In final clip, Michael jerks off, showing his mighty cock and shoots a massive load.

I hope this synopsis helps you to realize what an incredible video this is. If you still hesitate, maybe these mouth-watering images will help (in attachment above). I do know you will enjoy this suffering hero, as much as I did! ;)

As always, the seedbonus will be greatly appreciated.
Thank all of you guys in advance.


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