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BGe@st - C@tch W3ight 5 - Attila vs Rex

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DescriptionLook closely and you can almost see through Attila Dynasty's skimpy white trunks. The cleft of his perfectly symmetrical butt checks is a tantalizing sight as he warms up for his first Catch Weight contest. There's more to Attila than his suave good looks, though. In his three previous matches at BG East, the slim and agile wrestler has built a reputation as a cocky know-it-all who likes to bust up other guys egos. He is coming straight off a nasty and chaotic Gloved Gladiators contest against Jayden Mayne, a man near equal to Attila in size and build. It was a career-defining match for both young men. But today Attila faces his biggest (and meatiest) challenge to date: Big Bad Rex Braddock.

In only his second appearance at BG East, Rex is, nevertheless, an experienced brawler in the underground wrestling scene. In a brutal muscle-man strip-stakes bout against Marc Merino, Rex ignored the rules of fair play in an all-out, sky's-the-limit effort to snatch every last synthetic fiber off the popular muscle god. When we first suggested Attila for his follow-up to his BGE debut, Rex laughed till his eyes watered, thinking we were pulling his leg. "You gotta be fuckin' kidding me, right? That Puerto Rican runt?" When we convinced him we were perfectly serious, he popped his colossal biceps and declared, "Well, at least the fans will have these to look at!" Godlike in his dimensions, befitting his full yet neatly trimmed beard, Rex thrusts himself into the ring, intent on breaking Attila clean in two.

With the sort of droll insolence we have come to expect of him, Attila tries to horn in on Rex as the he-man strikes a series of poses for the camera. Uttering hardly a word, Attila pantomimes his contempt for the big guy, until, fed up, Braddock throws a punch that knocks him clean backwards. Catching and lifting Attila by the throat, Rex hardly even notices the smaller man's desperate and futile jabs, which grow weaker as the choke drains the blood from Attila's face. Deftly, though, the wiry, winsome Attila counters and even flips big Rex over his head to escape. Except for the moans, the occasional plea for mercy, the slap of skin on skin, and the resonant boom of a body slamming upon the mat, it's an intense but verbally quiet match, with few words spoken or exchanged. What these two men have to say to each other is best expressed in actions, not talk.

Attila Dynasty is the sort of slim, athletic pretty boy that big muscle-dudes like to mess up. Rex Braddock seems to regard the guy as some kind of palate cleanser between courses, easily dispensed with and good practice till the next Marc Merino shows up. But first he's got to catch the guy. Again and again, Attila's speed and agility help him elude Rex's crushing clutches. In half a blink he skirts Rex's lunging offense. Seconds later he is flying off the corner ropes to catch Rex in a headscissors. Still, come the time for making the cover and pin, a guy starts wishing he had the bulk to see the job through. When Attila pounces on the big dude, cross-presses Rex and starts counting to three, Rex effortlessly heaves the man up in the air over his head, like a hundred-pound barbell.

Rex can afford to be patient. He knows that, given his weight advantage, he can exact more punishment on Attila's slender frame in one minute than Attila can accomplish in ten minutes of high-kicking, high-flying acrobatics. Fancy aerials look fantastic, on camera. The fans love them. But when you're made out of iron and ire like Rex, you can pick your opponent off you like a cocklebur, smash his forehead against the ring post and toss him over the top ropes, in and out of the ring, however many times you like. We all know the old saying that "the bigger they are, the harder they fall," but the reality is that, three times out of five, when the big guys fall, they fall down on top of the little guys!

Lovers of classic squash jobs should line up for this match. Attila is tough as a three-dollar steak, and he gives the proverbial 110 percent against Rex. He's got the smirking attitude that makes you both kind of like the guy and kind of hope to see him torn limb from limb. Many fans will appreciate (and sympathize with) the gleam in Rex's eye as he props Attila on his broad shoulders in preparation for a backbreaker submission. He breaks into a big dumb smile as Attila squirms, kicks, and moans against the back of his sweaty neck. He savors the moment as much as the fans do. Then there's the humiliation of the reverse bear hug, Attila gasping as Rex's stovepipe forearms squeeze the air from his lungs. Then, too, you have Rex tossing Attila like a rucksack over his shoulder, only to drive him headfirst down to the mat. BG East gives you all you could hope for, and spares you none of the splendid, guilty details. You know you want it, and BG East delivers!
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