USA Jock - Group Sex Whores!

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DescriptionStudio: USA Jock
Cast: Sage Daniels, J.R., Dominik Rider, Brandon Aguilar, George Welch, Nick Roberts, Andre Barclay, Marc Mann, Kamrun, C.J. Banks, Marco Cruise, Aiden Holt, Dre Cruiser, John Brandon, Garth Harmon, Xavier Wolf.
Year: 2012
Country: USA
Length: 2 hr 51 min

Check out the hottest guys in Group Sex Whores! Featuring the sluttiest studs in group sex action!

Scene 1:
Nick was in heaven when we paired him up with his fuck buddy Dre Cruiser and a hot young bottom escort John Brandon. He finally got to have two guys on his huge 9x6 cock, not there wasn`t plenty to go around. Since Nick is so hung he ordered Dre to start fucking John and open his ass up all while Nick force fed his cock to Dre. Once John was all lubed up and open Nick went in for the kill and shoved his fuck stick deep up the boys ass. John was in ecstasy taking such a huge cock and begged for more. Nick bent over both guys and jumped from ass to ass like a fucking buffet! Whoever begged the loudest got his load!

Scene 2:
We put out a request for a slut bottom while in Vegas and it didn`t take long to find Xavier Wolf who wanted to be a cum whore and take on CJ Banks & Sage Daniels at the same time. The boys treated this bottom like a piece of meat and made him service them good. They force face fucked him then made him eat their holes. They then returned the favour and while one sat on his face holding up his legs the other ate out his slut hole! He begged to get fucked bareback so they started tag teaming him and found out his hole was loose. So they DP`d him (Double Penetration) and then it really got tight. This could end only one way, with both Sage and CJ breeding this slut bottom!

Scene 3:
When playing Eight Ball on the pool table with three hot gay men you know someone is gonna get their pocket filled with more than just a ball or two. Marco, Aiden and Brandon started a whole new game on top of the pool table with one eating ass and one sucking cock. Marco was in heaven getting his holes filled with something. While he sucked Aiden off he got his ass lubed up from Brandon. Before you knew it Marco was bent over on the pool table and getting his ass barebacked by Aiden. Aiden fucked this bottom whore in a few more positions to see how much he could take. Of course Marco could take much more. Brandon wanted in on the action and finally sat his hairy ass right down on Marco`s cock while Marco got a piece of Aiden`s sweet bubble butt. Considering Marco and Aiden are usually bottoms they sure showed wants happens when then want to punish some ass!

Scene 4:
Muscle and big dicks is what we got when we paired up CJ Banks, Dominik Rider and newcomer to porn J.R.. This hot little group put on a hot bareback show for the camera man. J.R. got his big cock deep throated good not to mention CJ`s thick rod as well got a lot of attention. Neither one could wait to start barebacking Dominik`s ass and J.R. was the first to open him up good so CJ could take crack at it. But before you knew it while J.R. was fucking Dominik, CJ slide in behind J.R. and slide his raw cock up that muscle butt. CJ Banks was in butt heaven when he bent over both muscle bottoms on the edge of the bed and fucked them both like it was a bareback buffet of butts! But only one bottom was there to take both loads deep in his ass!

Scene 5:
Well there is a first time for everything and we finally did out first group session. Seven hot dudes in their leather gear - 3 tops, 2 bottoms, 2 vers-btms. I think that equates to about 60" of cock and allot of horny sluts! Nick Roberts and Garth Harmon with the biggest dicks got all these hot hungry bottoms on their knees to cock suck first and get them real hard. Mark Mann even though mostly bottom got his 8x6 cock serviced by Marco Cruise and Aiden Holt. Those two hungry bottoms couldn`t wait to get their holes used by everyone. What started off as a free for all, ended up with the bottoms in Slings, Fuck Benches and on the floor while the tops rotated around and used each and every hole. Marco Cruise gets seeded deep twice and loves every minute of it!

Scene 6:
Andre Barclay and Dominik Rider have gotten on a few times on and off of camera and they were delighted to share my newest bareback porn buddy Kamrun and his big fat black uncut cock! Dominik and Andre started by tying up Kamrun so he had to watch Andre get a blowjob from Dom then they finally came over and started sucking on his uncut cock and getting him all wet. Dom`s big Latin ass wanted a good eating out so he bent over quickly so Andre and Kamrun could spit on his hole and get it all ready for some tag team fucking. Kamrun opens up Dom`s ass by sliding his fat black cock up that latin ass and getting it open for Andre to take a crack at it. But Andre is a cocky little fucker so Kamrun bends them both over and goes back and forth between each white ass and barebacks them both. What a fucking buffet of white meat! Kamrun does let Andre cum on his cock so he can fuck Dom`s ass with Andre`s cum and creampie that sweet muscle ass!
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