♺ Fightplace Sneaker Battle - Part Two

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2016-11-23 |
Small Fly enters the room when Bubu just has finished Knut. Fly also prefers Nike and Bubu sways him to resume his persuading on Knut. Knut is able to throw Fly through the air at first but them Fly is able to bring Knut on the ground and give him some slaps in his face. The first round is a win for Fly but then the tide is turning. Knut does not want to be the looser again, especially not against the small Fly. The fight is fast, hard and tricky. Hard gut punching is seen as well as ass slapping, wedgies and ballgraps. What Knut had to suffer under Bubu is now for Fly. Also the sneakers are brought into the game again. Fly is able to set some counter attacks but is too weak on the long run. Knut ties him up like a package and puts him on the sofa. When Bubu wants to check how Fly is doing on Knut he gets upset seeing him as the looser. He has to be punished for not doing well. And so he attacks Fly and wears him down with brutal head and bodyscissors. Fly has nothing to set against Bubu´s power and so he has to accept his looser position. Knut has showered already when he meets Bubu again. The battle starts right away again. Bubu seems to be even hotter than before and shreds Kuts trousers again. You will see hot moves and action again. In the end Bubu enjoys his win standing in a victory pose above the naked Knut.

Play length approx 65 min.
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