♺ Gloryhole Memoires - Episodes I - IV

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-06-27 |
Episode I
The 10-inch 18 year old.

I don't do twinks.  I never have, not even  when I was a twink...but last year when I ran across Kyle on Grindr one night I just couldn't help myself.

Maybe it was because we live in a town of 5000 people and I'd already blown the other three guys on Grindr months ago, maybe it was his charming personality, or maybe it was....well, ok, it was is 10-inch dick with its downward curve that literally made it perfectly shaped for an on-the-knees-blowjob.  Maybe his willingness to make a video didn't hurt so much either...

Or maybe it was just that he shoots the biggest loads I've ever seen!  In this episode, Kyle is able to get his entire 10 inches down my throat just before he cums. Because of this he literally shoots his whole load directly into my stomach---well when he pulled that dick out it must have been like a plunger, because cum gushed out of my mouth, all over his dick my chest and all the way down to my crotch.

I was just awestruck....and won over by the 18 year old!

Episode II

Everyone online has 9 inches....even my sister.  But when this guy shows up at the gloryhole and starts  playing gag the fag, I soon realized just how big nine REAL inches is!

Episode III
Bible-Thumper Next Door

My straight, bible thumping neighbor and his first visit to the glory hole!

Episode IV
The Construction Worker

My all-time favorite regular at the gloryhole...a road construction worker, butch as can be that loves to fuck my throat like its a warm wet pussy (his words)...who am I to disagree?

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