Blazing Waters 2

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Cast:  Roberto Giorgio, Renato Bellagio, Soto Donovan, Enrico Benetti, Janos Volt, Tom Jank, Diego Sanchez, Fred Goldsmith, Leslie Manzel, Oliver Madsen, Ken Spencer

Filmed back-to-back with part one. No real changes to be aware of as we begin; even the opening credits are exactly the same. No new models, but who cares as the originals were great. Think about it though: you get a Mediterrean holiday and all you have to do is fuck and you’d be fighting tooth and nail to make sure no-one else got your seat on the plane! But here there are new scenarios and pairings.

Captain Benetti and two friends go trawler fishing. Once at sea he has to remind his lusty crew - Spencer and Goldsmith - that they are there to work. What a meanie! Once the net is cast, the three get down to the serious business in hand. Flip-flop-a-go-go and the size queens in the audience will have to take a lie down after watching this amazing scene, which defies a running commentary! And they caught fish (for real!) which is ironic because the last time I had sex on a boat all I caught was crabs.

Next up, on a motorboat, Madsen, Bellagio and Jank go scuba-diving, as in the original. Underwater he finds a starfish - is it chocolate? Then I’m not interested. Pull up to the same stretch of rock as used in the original. They decide to explore the island, but get no more than five feet inland, before the fuck-fest commences. Lazy bastards, but when the call of the wild happens, you got to answer. Bellagio’s dirtbox is truly pummelled into submission, spreading his spooge in to his pubes like a windshield wiper. Everyone spent, we pan to the clear ocean as the trio passionately kiss.

To top that there is a quite exciting white-water rafting session (they did it for real). I won’t spoil the plot by telling you who goes overboard, but I will tell you there’ll be squealing like a pig coming up - but it’s not Deliverance.

At the bottom of the rapids, our crew relax. Again we get a mention of sharp rocks (see the first review) and the suggestion of a walk to the waterfall. Donovan, Manzel and Sanchez are far too lazy, instead spending their time relaxing the man’s way on the raft (to a very funky soundtrack; Bootsy Collins are you moonlighting?) with Sanchez and Manzel competing to be the better bottom (who wouldn’t when you see Donovan’s dong!), eventually exploding over each other’s chests.

Climbing to the waterfall, Goldsmith and Giorgio claim it’s the biggest they’ve seen, look behind you guys, there’s a bigger one! And two bigger ones in your trunks! These monsters are soon released and there is a very tender (but piggy!) scene by the babbling brook as each rides the other to a warm and passionate screaming climax.

Blazing Waters 1 & 2 have impressive budgets, and will, in years to come, be looked upon as classics in their own right.

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