Legend Brother

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From G-Project. The online translation says "Legend Brother", original Japanese title is ?????.

Cover man TAKESHI bottoms in scene 1. Nice, long session with plenty of different positions.
The top from scene 1 (I believe KEIJI) bottoms in scene 2, but there's no climax. He is also in a hot 3-way in the next scene as a versatile bottom.

The final 2 scenes are solos. "Daddies" playing with toys. Not really exciting enough for me, but other people might enjoy it.

Be aware the masking is HEAVY on this, and I'm really only posting it because I have a crush on Takeshi (he looks very similar to the last guy I hooked up with in Tokyo, hahaha....)

Pls seed amd give me some bonus

Have a nice days
2010-08-09 03:49:03
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