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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-11-13 |
The next ten videos from JasonStrongTickling.

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"Here's More Money To Tickle You
Starring Sam

So we are on Day 2 for Sam's tickling session. I tell him it's time to go to the bed, but he informs me that he is done and wants to go home. He told me in the initial interview his tickling level was a 7, but now he knows he is a 10 and the 1st session drove him nuts. What should I do? I offer him more money! After thinking about, Sam grabs the money and relents to 1 more session. He's tied to my bed and I introduce my friend to him : the electric toothbrush. I tickle his feet and armpits silly in this scene and get his ribs also. I haven't seen someone this ticklish in awhile, I'm sure Sam regrets doing another session. Will he stick around for Day 3?"

"The Dreadful Business Report
Starring Matt

I stroll into Matt's office to get his business report. It's not done, and apparently Matt has never heard of a deadline. He grovels and whines that he needs this job so I shouldn't be hasty and fire him. I wonder what Matt will do to keep his job? I get him to lay down on the ground and put his legs straight up the back of a chair. Now he is tied and I have full access to tickle his sheer, socked feet. He goes crazy, then I make sure I give him some dignity and make his tie look good on his shirtless body, and since I'm down there, decide to tickle his helpless ribs. Really hoping, when he has another deadline, that he remembers this tickle session, and fails again!"

"I Hire Trainer Jack

I finish outside the top ten in the latest marathon race. My personal trainer promised me better results, so I fired him. I look online and see an ad from Trainer Jack. He guarantees results or he'll let the clients tickle torture him. Sounds like a deal to me. He comes over and puts me thru some grueling sessions. Trainer Jack says it's time to run again. I enter the race but again don't make the top ten! Trainer Jack needs to come over and get his medicine. I tie his beefy body to the massage table and let him have it with my fingers and electric toothbrush on his perfect huge size 13 feet. The buffer they are, the more it pleases me to see them so helpless. "

"Buried At The Beach
Starring Marcus

Marcus and I are at the beach throwing the Frisbee. After a few throws, I guess Marcus takes his eyes off it as it hits him in the head. He crumples to the sand, woozy like a prizefighter who just took a Mike Tyson uppercut to the head. I run over to help him and offer to call 911. He says he is OK, but within moments he passes out. So much sand to play with it! I dig a hole and throw Marcus in and leave only his head and feet exposed. I tickle his gorgeous feet and he laughs and laughs. He is making too much noise though so I better gag him to muffle his laughter. After awhile, I put up a sign that says "Tickle Me", in hopes that other beach goers will follow my lead, and sure enough they will!"

"Worthless Maggots
Starring Jim

Jim and Pete are my recruits. They want to serve their country. They are soft though, and who better to toughen them up then Sergeant Strong! I put them thru some endurance and physical fitness tests. I'm not impressed by them. Jim seems like the weak link of the two so I decide he needs to be taught a lesson. I suggest a test and whomever loses gets to have the other guy tickle him, while I monitor and judge. Jim loses, as I predicted, and Pete gets to help himself to Jim's very toned body. Pete relishes the opportunity to drive Jim crazy, and I get a bit jealous so I join in the fun. Nothing is off limits as Pete and I tickle Jim into submission, with feathers, brushes, fingers, you name it! Then Pete and I decide to get some beers while Jim is left helpless. "

"Skater Boy Gets Tickled
Starring Michael

I'm driving in the convertible, it's a sunny day and my belly is full of sushi. I'm driving in my complex when I spot a cute skater boy doing skateboard tricks. He looks broke so I ask him if he wants to make some cash getting tickled. $100 for 3 minutes. He's a bit leery, but accepts the offer. Once tied down, I sink my fingers into his flesh and watch him laugh. After 3 minutes, he seems to notice it's time to stop, but should I? Would you? "

"The Creep Tickles Jason At The Bar

My lady and I are playing pool at the local bar. Out of nowhere a strange dark figure wearing a ski mask makes a move on me from behind. Moments later, I find myself on the pool table, tied up securely with nowhere to go. And no one to hear my pleas for help. What does this sick creep have in store for me? He starts talking to me, like a sadistic crazy person, then tickles my feet and everything else he can get his hands on. "

"Door To Door Delivery
Starring Gianni

Gianni hears a knock on the door and answers it. It's yours truly selling some nice sheer socks door to door. Gianni seems perturbed that I would have the nerve to bug him like this. I have to make a living right? One way or another I barge my way in and "suggest" he buys what I have to offer. As he is on the couch, I make sure to tie him up . I remove his shoes and leave his socks on and give him a foot rub. As he slowly wakes up, I tickle his feet so now I really have his attention. Perhaps next time, he'll buy what the next guy has to offer, or suffer the same consequences."

"The Creep Visits Anthony

Anthony is living the good life at a 5 star resort and spa. Can the Creep make this a very memorable experience for him? I know he'll try!"

"The Creep Tickles Richard

Poor Richard doesn't seem to notice the Creep is entering from his balcony. Richard is pumping some iron and oblivious. That's just the way the Creep likes his targets!"

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