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Pitbull Productions - Take 'Em Down 2 - Tiger Tyson fucks Supreme (Castro)

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DescriptionAnd you thought the lion was king of the beasts? Well, move over, pussycat. Here cums Tiger Tyson! After the royal rumble of Take ‘Em Down 2 (from Pitbull Productions, Inc. and Tiger Tyson Productions), no one’s left standing to challenge our man. The decision? Tiger Tyson reigns supreme.

director: Jalin Fuentes

1. Slayer OgrAbRg, Juice (light) OgrAtRr
Scene 1 begins with two tall, beautiful, tight-bodied black dudes walking down the hall, towels over their shoulders, naked except for bling and ‘do rags, black and white—team colors? They make a turn into a hotel room and kiss. Slayer lowers Juice to the bed and licks him. The guys, pretty evenly matched, wrap their juicy bodies around each other. So it’s no big surprise when, after lots of sucking and dry humping, Juice sits on Slayer’s dick for a bit. Then Juice rolls Slayer up on his back and laps at his hole, preparing him for a poke. After spreading Slayer’s legs for a scissors fuck, Juice pulls out and jacks his juice all over Slayer’s chiseled gut. These buddies rub their sticky bodies as Juice strokes Slayer off. It’s a draw!

2. Supreme OgAb, Tiger Tyson OrAt
Supreme (aka Castro), Chicago’s uncontested fuck-thug, has 11-and-a-half fat inches of pipe and the muscle to back it up. But in Scene 2, Supreme twists an ankle in a pick-up game and makes the mistake of limping to the pad of Tiger Tyson, the Big Apple’s biggest and baddest. Yeah, Tiger’s sympathetic. He tells Supreme to relax, son. But Tiger is also Tiger. So when Supreme lies down, Tiger is out of his pants and on top of him. It’s a luscious match between two fine bodies, but no real contest. After a little wrestling, Tiger has Supreme sniffing his dick and licking at it. Before long Supreme is taking Tiger up his tank. “You’re my bitch,” Tiger brags. “Chicago’s finest got topped.” Maybe the pain in Supreme’s ass makes him forget his ankle. Tiger’s hard fuck-rod plumbs Supreme deep. After pounding in several positions and trash-talking all the way, the winner pulls out, grunts and leaves thick puddles on Supreme’s back. The loser plays dead, or maybe he is. Tiger sinks down on Supreme like he’s one big meat mattress.

3. Supreme OgAb, Camron OrAt
Now that Tiger has tamed Supreme, his buddy Camron comes over and spends Scene 3 sharing the plundered booty. With Tiger in the shower and Supreme passed out, big Camron—a video virgin but a fucking pro—slips out of his clothes. Soon he has Supreme—yeah, the guy’s alive—nursing on his nuts. Camron raps Supreme’s face with his dick, jacks it hard and mounts him from behind. Supreme buries his head in the pillow as Camron’s big chunky butt flexes and fucks. When Supreme finally raises his face, it registers the strain of this bone-jarring bang. Before the ordeal is over, Supreme gets plugged with a dildo. But he’s riding cock when he announces, over Camron’s groans, that he can feel his fucker cumming up his butt.

4. Tiger Tyson OrAt, Sexy K OgAb
When Scene 4 begins Tiger Tyson and Sexy K lie on the bed, dressed, and shoot the shit. But soon they’re stripping down. Tiger’s jeans fall halfway down his tempting ass—yeah, you want it but you can’t have it! When Tiger pumps his big stiff fuck-stick into K’s waiting face, his dreadlocks shake! But for most of this blowjob, Tiger lies back, propped like a prince, accepting the oral adoration that he’s due. When his need to dominate again takes over, he switches to Sexy K’s other major opening and mounts. With both feet firmly on the bed, Tiger can hump K’s upturned butt like a piledriver. Later he spreads K’s legs like a wishbone and fucks the open hole. It’s enough to make K pop a load up his lean, undulating body. But Tiger twists K into a few more positions and plugs away. When Tiger pulls out, K tickles his jewels and finds the trigger. By the time Tiger’s finished shooting boi-batter, Sexy K’s a sexy mess.

5. Smartass OgAb, Tiger Tyson OrAt
For Scene 5 Smartass, wearing serious ear bling and a do rag, delivers Tiger a box. For a tip, Tiger, always generous, strips down, pushes the deliveryman back on the mattress and feeds him dick—way more than just the tip. Tiger gets Smartass’s pants down, rolls him up on his back, fingers his butthole and lubes it up. It’s a difficult entry but Tiger plunges on and Smartass, on his hands and knees, pushes back. Finally inside the deliveryman’s ass, Tiger smacks it and he’s off. As Tiger porks him, Smartass’s heavy dick wags and drips. When Tiger gets tired he sinks onto Smartass and only moves his hips. But mostly he fucks like a madman until he pulls his pole out, strokes it and leaves the deliveryman his sticky tip—liquid bling!

Juice (light) 
Sexy K 
Tiger Tyson

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