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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-07-17 |
Hungarian director Tom Bradford's "Euro Sex Party" has an important message: go jogging in dense woods, because that's where the orgy guys jog. The sex party of the title takes place in a sumptuous villa with a stone wall and an appropriately red door. Our protagonist, stalwart Claudio Antonelli, spends this film trying to find out what happens 'behind the red door.' He meets lithe young Anthony Brooks while racing down a heavily wooded jogging path and accepts Anthony's invitation to enter his picturesque stone home, the one with the red door. If you're thinking this is starting to sound like Little Red Riding Hood, well, Claudio IS wearing red jogging pants. Anthony advises him that he should drop back by for some of the "fun" to be had there (wink, wink).
Claudio does show up again. But when no one comes to answer his ring at the red gate, instead of leaving, he hides in the bushes. What the? Moments later, guys start to arrive, enthusiastically greeted by Anthony. So where was Anthony when Claudio rang? Washing his hair in the shower or something? Anyhow, the guests all trickle in, with Anthony commenting, "We've got a good team here today." Well. How nice for you. Claudio is still peering through the bushes. Meanwhile, the Euro Sex Party has officially commenced!
Anthony gets into a three-way with a newly slender and mature-looking Tony Magera, and the always slutty beefcake Rod Stevens. Anthony has a cute boyish face and some randomly placed tattoos that look like dirt that needs to be brushed off his body. The setting is a dimly lit, rustic pool area with rough-hewn stone walls and rugged log columns. Sort of hunting lodge meets bathhouse. Everyone takes turns sucking each other by the pool. The fucking takes place doggy-style on a sort of bizarre saddle contraption we've never seen before. Both Rod and Tony bottom for both their partners, and the fucking is energetic if not inspired. Anthony has an ample enough dick, and Tony still has the gift of keeping rock-hard the whole time he's being fucked.
Three other guys have gone off into more comfortable surrounding in a bedroom. The bed is gigantic - perfect for an orgy. It's even covered with a wild black-and-white leopard print spread. As if that isn't enough, the back wall is painted in a wild yellow, blue and red abstract design, kind of like colorful clouds on Jupiter. Or somewhere. Anyhow, Igor Caricote is very exotic looking, with a shaved head, dark skin and a lean muscular body. He looks like an ancient Egyptian, actually. In contrast, Peter Shadow is very fair, and also has a shaved head. He's probably the stockiest of this group. Enrico Bellagio is an adorable, Italian-looking brunet. The three play around on the bed for a while, kissing, sucking and eating ass (Igor's firm melons look particularly inviting). Although Enrico has the thickest dick, he's the first to bottom, taking Igor's long, thin cock reverse cowboy, and then turning around the other direction. Peter fucks him sideways and missionary as Igor and Enrico suck and make out. Igor takes a turn, getting fucked missionary by Peter and sideways by Enrico. Everyone cums, and then Anthony bids his friends a fond farewell at the red gate.
Claudio is STILL in the bushes. What the hell is he doing over there? We hope he brought food and water with him. As he continues to spy, Anthony greets three new guys. You know what they say - one sex party is never enough. This is evidently enough to get Claudio out of the shrubbery, and he trots over and taps the doorbell. "What a nice surprise!" says Anthony. Right - like he remembers him. Anthony has so many guys in and out of his rocky sex palace that he'd have to have bar codes to remember them.
Phase two gets underway with youthful, big-dicked Steve Hunt getting it on with one-half of the ubiquitous Mangiati twins, Maurizio. At least, that's the twin they say it is; how would we know the difference? They're in a room with rough-hewn wooden walls that seems a little like a barn and a little like a basement. Steve is the most enthusiastic cocksucker so far at Anthony's sex party, taking Maurizio's big dick down to the base and slurping on it. Maurizio sucks Steve some, and then pounds his very hairy hole. That saddle stand thing is back; Steve uses it to steady himself as he's being thoroughly fucked doggy. They switch to sideways for a while, and then both cum.
Anthony, Claudio and Igor (Igor?! Didn't he leave earlier? Guess not.) have adjourned to the psychedelic bedroom for some groovy interplanetary lovin'. We now spy a tattoo of Brazil on Igor's chest, perhaps explaining his exotic looks if not his mad-scientist's-assistant name. Claudio is probably the beefiest guy in the movie, and also looks the oldest, so the three are an interesting contrast. There's lots of sucking and making out. Lots. It seems to go on forever. Their lips must have been raw afterwards. Finally, Claudio gets fucked, first missionary by Igor, then doggy by Anthony, who really lays some pipe into an enthusiastic Claudio. For someone who started his career as an exclusive top, he certainly has turned into an inveterate bottom. Igor then takes a turn astride Anthony's cock, which pistons in and out like a jackhammer. After Anthony fucks Igor some more doggy-style, everybody cums.
Anthony exits through the red gate and wrangles an invitation to come back - the very next day! Somebody's going to have to invest in some soothing, healing, skin balm. Who could do that every day?
Bradford generally gets energetic, convincing sex out of his performers, and most everyone here gives it their best. But the scenes just seem to go on forever, becoming rather monotonous. The Emperor is not sure why this seems to happen more frequently with his work for Falcon International. We think he's probably better with plot-based movies than with all-sex movies such as this one. This is still well-worth seeing, however.

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