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DescriptionThe BoundGods Creepy Janitor series is pretty singular.  The Janitor is played by Rod Barry, then Winn Dyson then Trenton Ducati - they are all imaginative, sexy, creepy, working class guys with a thing for dominating those who are perceived to have done them wrong.  There are 14 films altogether that I can find.  In this collection Rod Barry dominates gorgeous Luka, and then Eddie the Asshole, then Brenn Wyson captures and has his way with the incredibly handsome Emanuel and then Kamrun, as a football playing jock athlete.  Brenn Wyson is a pretty interesting and very sexy guy on the top, bottom or in the middle.  I like how he looks pretty crazed - as opposed to Rod Barry who is equally interesting even in this later stage of his career but is more sulky prole than crazy.  Throughout the films the various creepy janitor characters take photos of their victims and create a collage on the wall that later becomes important, and there's some sense that they'll be blackmailing these guys for sex or silence or... 

Thanks to those of you giving seedpoints! 
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