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Falcon - FVP135 - Out Of Athens 2 avi

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85 minutes
Falcon Studios FVP-135
Directed by John Rutherford

Starring: Johnny Brosnan, Roland Dane, Robert Balint, Joe Calderon, Erik Hanlan, Eric Hart, Lindon Hawk, Fernando Lizalde, Ryan Michaels, David Moretti, Marc Pierrot, Matt Spencer, Colby Taylor, George Vidanov, Travis Wade

Review (uncredited):

After Brosnan has brushed off Wade in the chase which happened in part one we see Brosnan sight-seeing and making his way to Dane's Cousins house. Of course Dane's cousin is equally as drop-dead gorgeous and has dirty blond hair and as Brosnan makes his way out of the house he spots Dane's cousin Vidanov having sex with a guy on the porch. Both these two guys have sexy stud bodies but Vidanov is the sexiest and makes a good bottom. While they are having sex Brosnan pulls his stick shift out and wanks himself on it watching them both. The hot blond guy makes for a hot butt shag and has sexy thighs and lets the top guy cum all over his face then spills a nice big load all over himself.

Brosnan takes in some more sight-seeing and Taylor runs into him and remembers spotting him on Mykonos then starts to tell him about a hot sex session he had there. Both guys in this flashback scene are smooth and sexy-looking and the scene involves some great butt hole fingering and some good foreskin play too, plus a good hard butt fucking.

After Brosnan does a bit more walking around he ends up spying on two hunky slightly pumped up guys who are watching each other having a wank in a passageway on a hill top, one has short blond hair the other short brown hair. After these two handsome guys have jacked off Brosnan moves on.

Dane, the very sexy European looking stud from part one, gets to his cousin's house and sees Brosnan's things there and looks in his diary and notices the invite that Brosnan got in part one from the guy who gave him the invitation to a Harvard Crew get together.

Brosnan meanwhile decides to go to this and gets a taxi there. For some stupid reason Brosnan does not realise Wade who he ripped off in part one also happens to be at the party. This leads to an orgy scene as when the guys find out who he is, they chase after him and drag him back to the party and makes him eat their cocks. There are at least eight guys in this scene all of them smooth and sexy, it's quite horny watching Brosnan feed on all those cocks and then have to rim all their butt holes. The scene then develops into them all eating each other's cocks and sucking and butt fucking the man cream out of each other. Watch out for the cute Kentucky fried chicken apple pie homo boy Twinkie Hawk, this guy is a complete boy babe having two cocks stuck up his Kentucky fried chicken apple pie bubble butt, this bit is very hot. It's soon time however for Brosnan to get his arse fucked by all the other guys and eventually all the guys end up wanking their hot big cocks shooting their man cream all over Brosnan.

The next scene cuts to Dane getting into a taxi to go to the place Brosnan went to then the scene cuts back to Brosnan stranded all alone on a long and winding road all dazed and fucked up after being gang banged. Dane comes to the rescue and spots Brosnan on the road and tells him he loves him and takes him home and has sex with him in the bath and sponges water all over him, then they move to the bed. The dark haired European Dane is one hot stud and has a nice big dick and loves having his cock sucked off by Brosnan. Dane gets his sweet tight European arse hole well rimmed by Brosnan too as Dane sucks off Brosnan's cock. Eventually after Dane has made a man meat meal of Danes cock in his mouth, Dane gives Brosnan a nice hard butt plugging and then they eventually shoot their man cream.

It's up to you the viewer to decide what Brosnan's fate might end up being with a little insight he has when he falls asleep in Danes bed. As to what his dream is about well I won't spoil it for you, you'll just have to watch it for yourself.

This second part on DVD has great stills from the film and has a great commentary all the way through so this and part one are well worth getting on DVD. Don't forget to get part one first before watching part two or you will miss out on the sequence of events.

An excellent second part of this story with hot butt fucking, rimming and cum shots from both USA and European guys. All guys have a stud like build and are all cute or handsome.
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