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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2007-05-17 |

Muscle is what this video is about: muscle cock, muscle ass, muscle piss, muscle fists! The action is fast paced, the men insatiable and driven by a burning need. 

Greg McCord stands in the tub waiting for some action. Scott Irish is happy to oblige McCord's hungry hole with his tongue and big, pierced, pissin' cock.  Irish takes a mean piss all over McCord, soaks down his jock, then slurps on his dank, pissy hole.  Beau Stromm's sitting on the Joyrider waiting for some man meat. He scores Erik Hunter's fat, 10-inch, black, piss-loaded muscle cock.  Stromm sucks a big piss load out of Hunter's cock, then works his mammoth meat with his throat as Irish steps in and feeds him some more man piss.  Both Stromm and Irish have a thing for big, juicy cocks, so they work Hunter's meat. Stromm hoses Hunter down.  Dean Cooper steps in, feeds Irish a big piss load and dispenses the balance on Hunter's hungry ass.  Guns has to take a wizz, so he steps in and feeds the boys.  Hunter has to take a major leak, so he squats down while Irish and Cooper milk the huge load out of his cock and share it.  By now, Irish has sucked down all the piss he can hold, so he lets go of some recycled piss on Hunter's hole as Cooper gobbles it down.

Damian nails Guns' sweet ass in the sling.  Damian can't get enough of that sweet ass, and Guns can't get enough of that big, hairy, Italian muscle cock. Damian pins Guns to the wall and pounds his hot hole.  McCord wants some of that ass and joins the fun.  Damian fucks the hell out of Guns while Greg McCord licks the cock as it pistons in and out of the fuck hole. The boys feast on some cock.  Irish steps in, unleashes a torrent of piss on Guns, then fucks Jake Marshall's hole as Damian pounds Guns. The tops dump major loads into the boys' butts.  Irish felches a big mouthful of cum out of both asses.

Just as he's licking his chops, Dean Cooper and Guns step up and feed him two big piss loads.  Irish sucks some precum out of Cooper's cock as the rest of the men gather around and hose his ass down, starting with Beau Stromm.  Erik Hunter fills Irish's mouth with a big piss load, then pisses on Greg McCord's boot, which McCord feeds to Irish. Irish laps at the boot and strokes his big, red, pierced cock.  Strom works Irish's nuts with his boots and sends that boy straight to boot heaven. McCord can't get enough of Erik Hunter's huge manmeat. He chows down on it as Irish works Damian's big Italian hose.

Irish lets go with yet another piss load. All that piss he sucked down has to wind up somewhere.  Guns get it from both ends as Jake Marshall unloads his bladder. Lucky boy!  Scott Irish plows Dean Cooper's ass, pisses on and in him, then plows him some more.  Irish REALLY lets loose, and gives Cooper the 3 F's: Filing, Fingering and Fucking!  McCord can't resist an opening, especially a nice, tight one like Cooper's. He pisses on it as Irish laps at the salty nectar. Then he pounds Cooper's hot hole as Irish feeds the boy his big, red cock.  Cooper gets off the bench and hoses down Irish's and McCord's eager holes at the tub.  McCord just can't get enough of Erik Hunter's massive cock, so he keeps returning again and again for more. Irish enjoys watching, and really makes McCord's day by chasing the big cock with a hot load of manpiss.  Hunter finally gives McCord what he wants by boning the pig's hole in the tub.

McCord's having trouble taking all that meat, so Irish helps him out with some leather stripper.  McCord gets his ass pounded for a nice, long while, then sniffs and licks his ass juices off of Hunter's meat. Back on the bench, Guns opens his hole for Damian's huge, hairy paw.  Damian momentarily satisfies Guns' hungry ass with his mammoth hand.  Jake Marshall fucks the piss right out of Dean Cooper's cock.  Cooper pisses a nice load onto his chest and abs while Marshall fucks him. Cooper leaves the wet bench to Beau Stromm, who sucks Erik Hunter's cock like he hasn't had a square meal in a year.  He milks a load out of the big cock and swaps it with McCord.  Irish also gets in on the cum swapping act. Meanwhile, Damian just can't keep his paw out of Guns' ass.

Jake Marshall pokes Dean Cooper's hole yet again.  Marshall blows his load on Cooper's back, sucks it up, and gives it back to him.  Irish hops into the sling in anticipation of Hunter's big cock. McCord works Irish's hole open with his hands.  Hunter plows the fuckin' shit out of Irish... and dumps a hot load in his hole. A nice, hot, drippin' hole...my favorite! Mmm...

Yeah, there's nothing like a freshly fucked hole leaking cum ...except maybe a gaping hole waiting for a buddy to lend a hand. Guns spins around on Cooper's hand, rides it, and dumps a big cum load all over Cooper's chest.  McCord and Cooper, totally played out, each blow big cum wads on the floor.
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