♺ Pleasure Productions - Gay Erotica From the Past 08-12 (avi)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-08-21 |
unknown uploader | Distributor: Pleasure Productions
Released 1970s

Volume 8 - Duration 70 minutes
This video begins in a light-hearted way with a snippet from a '70s film in which two lovers (one quite good looking, the other a baby bear (a bit chubby with a full beard) have sex, invite another and end up with a four-way. Unusual in that it features sex, but also affection and lingering kisses. Another scene features two cute, very young men who engage in rigorous cocksucking sex. The tape ends with some fun sex at the beach involving some well tanned young men, sand and sexual energy

Volume 9 - Duration 59 minutes
This collection of gay erotica is not really the long-lost smokers of the pre-war years, but a sepia-toned menage of early 1970s porno flicks accompanied by odd swingtime music. The opening scene features an impressively huge cock (attached to a handsome mustached man) who is serviced by a wide-mouthed pal. The second, titled, "Tricking at the Office," is quite sexy. A young blond youth applies for a warehouse job. But the interviewer becomes distracted and erected when the teen grinds his tight jeans against the boss' desk. It doesn't take long before bell bottoms and polyester shirts a shed and love and grindin' begins! Other vignettes feature a human Oreo cookie -- where the out-of-shape white guy in the middle administers sucking action to his black buddies -- and ends with some risky sperm drinking. The last episode features two black men (again not the chiseled gym hunks of today) get it on. Groovy!

Volume 10 - Duration 54 minutes
There's a whole lot of dick sucking in this collection of 1970s sex vignettes. The first scene features a group of attractive young men who obviously haven't been to a gym in quite some time (but out-of-shape can work). Another scene features three cadets who return to their dorm room, discover one of their roomies jacking off and join in some hot action -- only problem is the film's quality, it blurs much of the other-wise hot action. Another scene features a long-haired youth pounding away with a military type.

Volume 11 - Duration 32 minutes
Hot times from the past are recalled in this rare collection of gay erotica. Packed with vintage footage that was once forgotten, this video series brings to life hot experiences from the past to be enjoyed today and forever!

Volume 12 - Duration 56 minutes
Not as long as the others in this collections (and less interesting -- the makers might be running out of finds), this collection of 1970s sex films opens with Arch Brown's "Woodhole", a vignette featuring a broken-down Volkswagen Beetle, some skinny-dipping and also some romantic sexual antics featuring two young hunks who conclude the scene when they cum together in the most erotic and oddly romantic fashion. More young '70s hunks are features (some in solos) and it ends with a four-way sex scene feature a much used dildo.

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