Elder Ricci - Ordination (with Bishop Angus)

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DescriptionElder Ricci's ass is still smarting from the spanking Patriarch Smith gave him during his disciplinary action. But, that is nothing compared to what the Brethren have in store next for the young boy.

The Ordination is the final step in the process of joining the sacred Order. Elder Ricci, as usual, wants to make sure he does everything right for this most special day. He arrives at the Temple earlier than asked and paces around, straightening his tie and smoothing his pleated pants, over his ever hardening cock.

When Bishop Angus, greets him, Ricci can barely contain his excitement – and his erection. This thick, muscular daddy is one of the most powerful men in the Order. The last time they met, at Ricci's inspection, Ricci got to fill the man's hole with his gigantic dick.

He can still remember the thick ropes of cum that spilled onto Bishop Angus' chest as he fucked him.

But this time, the tables have turned. Bishop Angus, puts his large hand on Ricci's neck and guides him slowly through the Temple.

"We've all been very impressed by you," Bishop Angus' deep voice echoes through the hallways. "But today is the most important day in the initiation. So you're going to be a good boy for me, yes?"

Ricci nods and smiles.

They step into a stark white room, quite different from the darkness of the place where the disciplinary action was. Ricci can't wait to take his clothes off and press his bare flesh against Bishop Angus' hard, rippling body.

The Bishop tells him to disrobe and he does so immediately. His gigantic cock springs forward and The Bishop's wraps his fingers around it.

"In all my years, you are the biggest I've seen," the Bishop whispers. Ricci whimpers in response and pushes his dick against the powerful daddy's hand.

Angus' erection is pretty massive, too and he wastes no time in releasing it from the sacred underwear. The man sits and motions Ricci forward. The young boy considers the older man's pulsing member. He knows it's going to fill his tight ass beyond the limit of anything he's experienced before, and he loves it.

Ricci lowers himself onto the Bishop. The man pushes the head of his throbbing dick inside the boy's hole. Ricci moans and shakes. It's almost too much for him to take, but he'll take it all and then some. He'll do anything to become a part of The Order.

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