Double Time 8

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Description"Six stunning soldiers are called to action in 3 deliciously dirty duos in Double Time 8!

Diego and Elijah are two of my personal favorites and they rock the bedroom in an awesome duo scene that'll leave you breathless. Both of these guys are all smiles at the thought of getting it on with one another. They've met several times in the past, but they've never done a scene together and I think the tension has been building all this time.

I recently had Kaden and Evan out for a weekend and we shot some really hot stuff. You've already watched one of the scenes we shot that weekend with Evan and Austin that Kaden shot and directed. This time I man the camera and direct Kaden with his new recruit to unleash themselves on one another and that's exactly what they did.

Things kick off with Dorian and Styx on the bed and I'm talking to Styx about the night before. I remind them that my wide angle lens is still broken and convince them to scoot in closer to one another. These two look like a couple straight out of Tun Tavern. The epitome of sexy brought together to show it all off.I leave the room to do some laundry and these two get right down to business. The shorts come off and the cocks get hard and we're waiting on edge as Dorian starts spying Styx up and down, taking in the scenery. One thing leads to another and both of them get a chance to fuck the other, ending in some really memorable cumshots."
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