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Alfred has been wrestling at Fightplace for many years now. Exactly 5
years, in fact, and he has grown up a lot in that time. He's had to take
a lot of pain along the way, but he has also learned many new techniques
and become very experienced. So now he is no youngster any more, more an
established fighter and an integral part of our team. Like his opponent,
Hardy has been on our team for many years now too, but we still can't
judge him. On the one hand he can fight very hard and with many tricks,
yet on the other hand his fights can become erotic.
Both these sides are on shown in "Finish him!". Hardy wanted to beat his
younger opponent, but he had underestimated Alf! Alfred has become very
powerful, taller and wider, and he performed some nice scissors and
Hardy is much more clinical, though, which was a big problem for Alfred.
Hardy grabbed no matter where and no matter how! So poor Alfred had to
handle some hard grabs between his legs. It only took a few minutes for
Alfred to take revenge for that, but Hardy was always one step ahead.
Hardy had way more power, and when Alf lay down on the floor he became
more and more nasty. Eventually Alf was unable to counter the hard
attacks of Hardy, but he had no intention of quitting either.
He always tried to counteract Hardy, to turn the tables. He really
wanted to win this fight!
2015-09-27 09:56:58
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