♺ DirtyTony - Sean Stavos Fucks Philip Aubrey

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-07-08 |
Philip Aubrey, the blonde hairless hottie returns to have the smooth topography of his body thoroughly explored by hairy strapping conquistador, Sean Stavos. The two begin chatting about living in San Diego, watching football and their shared proclivities towards enjoying every role one can play in the sex game. And to prove they aren't kidding, both take turns tongue-raping each other's faces till Phillip, unable to stand it any longer, rips down Sean's pants and underwear at the same time attempting to get his throbbing slippery monster to touch the interior of his stomach. After getting his throat intensely beaten in every conceivable position, Philip turns Sean around on all fours and gives him a violent saliva-soaked tongue-fucking of a lifetime. Sean then flips Phillip onto his back and the two 69 with Sean giving Philip's asshole-worshipping techniques a run for his money. This up-close experience with such a beautiful and taut hole gets Sean so horny he forcefully turns himself around and firmly plunges all the way into Philip's glorious pucker. Sean passionately pounds away in missionary with his heavy balls rhythmically slapping against Philip's hairless perineum with his legs wrapped around his back and feet contorting expressionistically in the air. Yowsers! This gives me the hottest view of slick rectal penetration I've seen in a veery long time. Philip, between unbridled moans, calls out for Sean to lay deeply into his sweet cavity on his side, which is maneuvered smoothly without even needing to pull his textured veiny meat from its tender pink enclosure. Sean continues to relentlessly clobber Philip's supersensitive prostate while his eyes flip backwards with each connecting blow. Finally when Philip is almost at the point of spilling his spunk-smoothie, he takes a short break and climbs on top of Sean, securing a front row seat at his own explosive orgasm. With the assistance of gravity, he let's the rim of his hole fall all the way down to the base of Sean's pulsating erection and firmly clenches onto it, helping wring pre-cum upwards on it's journey out of his pee hole and into the condom on as he pumps his hips like a butter-churn. Both of them writhe against each other in this ecstatic duel before uncontrollably applying just the right amount of pressure to Sean's trigger and firing load after load all over Philip's chest and neck. The sight of this seriously hot pairing almost has me blowing my own load without even touching myself.
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