Drenched part 1 and 2

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DescriptionMiss Chi Chi and her gang of gorgeous guys head for the tropical paradise of Hawaii - and they’re backed up by one of the biggest budgets ever allotted for the making of a frisky fuck flick. Pay attention, porn doggies, for this one gloriously raises the bar.

It all begins when a smooth buff hottie (Brad Patton) wading through a cove finds a mysterious tiki figure floating in the water. It seems to conjure up the very tasty and cock-starved Lane Fuller, who looks like a lost, wandering Marine, complete with some tats, a military style buzz cut, a light swath of torso fuzz and a dazed, lascivious look in his eyes that practically shouts "have at me!"

Lane approaches splashily and proceeds to lock lips with Brad while untying his stylish bathing trunks, revealing an immensely thick, uncut and uniquely upcurved Brad Bone, already rock hard. (More on Brad’s luscious apparatus: when his nutsack is taut, his squeezed balls appear to be docked over his meat instead of hanging beneath it, providing the unworldly illusion that his extra-large cock and balls are affixed upside-down! Call Ripley’s.)

Enough about Brad’s mystifying schlong though, because Lane soon receives an awesome rim chew in the water that gets his undivided attention (undivided save for his milky quivering ass cheeks), followed by more cock-gobblery on the nearby grass, and then a sensuous round of rubbing and kissing and dry humping so intense both guys quickly squirt off thick hands-free wads of boy cream.

Elsewhere in a sunny meadow, tall hung stud Jack Ryan and clipped-torso’d fuck puppy Chet Roberts frolic on a park bench. During their heated round of fellatio, blonde dreamboat Tommy Brandt appears and begins to self-stroke from the treeline and soon joins the fray for a brief three-way round of sucky-sucky...

...brief in that things quickly escalate into a foursome, heralded by the arrival of dark-maned exotic smooth hottie Renato Leon, whose uncut piece soon finds its way to the back of Chet’s anxious throat, all while Jack proceeds to suckle on adjacent Tommy’s branding iron.

Dark beefy muscle hunk Filippo Romano approaches the bench with still-horny Lane and Brad in tow, and suddenly we’ve got a salivating seven-man cock-slurping, mangina-munching, hole-humping orgy under the blazing Hawaiian sun that culminates in one of the juiciest cum-soaked climaxes in this particular porn-fiend’s memory, with slut-punk Lane emerging completely slathered with jerked jetted jissom.

Next up, superbly physiqued Falcon Superstar Chase Hunter makes an authoritative mustachioed return to man porn, pairing off with seemingly insatiable cock-fiend Lane. A mutually voracious round of deep throating and ass rimming commences, followed by Lane’s bouncy ride on Chase’s thick manly fuck prod.

Somewhere near a babbling brook, lean, dark and drop-dead-pretty Falcon Exclusive Andrew Phillips approaches beefy smooth muscle hunk Joe Foster, both wearing what I can only describe as manly hula skirts. Both guys paw and grope at the bulges protruding from the crotches of said hula skirts, then Joe kneels to lick Andrew’s fuzzy treasure trail, soon taking the boy’s big plump glistening schlong firmly into his gullet. Joe stops blowing Andrew only to squeeze and suck on his big dangling ’nads and tongue poke and goatee-rub his undulating cherry hole.

But for all the tongue-prepping Joe offers to Andrew’s pretty pucker hole, it’s Joe’s rump that ends up getting raided by the poking lunge of Andrew’s ample tool.

Next we spy Matthew Rush soaking wet in a screened-in outdoor shower; he’s easily identifiable by that bodacious bubble booty he carries on his hips just as bounteously as a pregnant woman might carry twins. Viktor Perseo ogles from outside the screen door, and when he approaches, Matthew and Viktor rub their ever-plumpening cocks together, separated only by the mesh screen.

Inside, they get on with a mutual suck-and-gag on a sofa in front of a scenic picture window. Matt hungrily eats out Viktor’s fur hole and then slides in his thick man salami for some passionate poking.

Production values are simply impeccable, with stylish camerawork, fabulous sunny exteriors, smooth editing, a throbbing trance music score and a simmering smorgasbord of hungry cock-wielders who are not only hot, but also hot for each other.

Rejoice with ejaculatory abandon, for the bar of gay porn has been duly elevated. And cum-soaked curses to you Miss LaRue, for because of you and your lofty standards, no other porn will ever quite do!
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