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♺ Hot Older Male - Zak Spears and Ethan Roberts (240p wmv)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-08-20 |

HotOlderMale - Zak Spears and Ethan Roberts

Zak Spears and Ethan Roberts
At the end of the week, Zak returns to his loft but is so stressed out he doesn't see young pup Ethan standing in the hall with soccer ball in hand. To get Zak's attention, Ethan kicks the ball his way and unintentionally smacks Zak in the head. THAT gets his attention and he orders Ethan straight into his loft where he makes Ethan serve his big daddy meat. Ethan gets treated like meat as Zak slaps him down on the kitchen counter and uses him to relieve all the week's frustrations. Zak makes Ethan rub his feet and crack his toes, suck his fat cock and then take his meat nice and deep. It's almost too much for Ethan to take but Zak could give a crap and fucks him til they both shoot nice juicy loads to end one hell of a week.
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