♺ All Worlds - Why Marines Don't Kiss

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-08-20 |
Released:  1996
Running Time:  90 mins

Cast:  Hodge Armstrong, Derek Thomas, Ty Russell, Scott Daniels, Sam Crockett, Doug Jeffries, Cole Youngblood, Dylan James, Gino

Hodge Armstrong is the third generation in his family to serve in the Marines: His father served in Vietnam and his grandfather served in World War II. That's not all they have in common, though ... they all have a taste for cock.

Hodge "Bad Boy" Armstrong gets caught jacking off in the head by Derek "Cotton Tail" Thomas, one of his rivals in the corps. It turns out their dads served together during Vietnam back in 1969 and spent a lot of time alone together in a foxhole. Sam Crockett, Cotton Tail's dad, admits he doesn't fuck whores but he's not afraid to fuck guys. Bad Boy's dad, Ty Russell, says that makes him a faggot in his book, but Crockett disagrees, saying that it's kissing that makes you gay. That's enough to convince Ty to give guy-on-guy sex a shot.

In the end Bad Boy's dream comes true and he meets Dylan. The two get together, have passionate sex, and live the fantasy life that his granddad and dad never had.
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