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Titan Men - Folsom Prison - Complete - Both Parts - Disc 1 & 2

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DescriptionCast:  Tony Buff, Diesel Washington, Rick Van Sant, Alex Baresi, Bjoern Giger, Chad Manning, Dak Ramsey, Damien Crosse, Derek Da Silva, Dominic Sol, Markus Ram, Matthew Ford, Trey Casteel, Vinnie D'Angelo
Director:  Brian Mills
Country:  US
Length: 3 hr
Year: 2008
Studio :  TitanMen

"Elevating hardcore fetish to both a new level of intensity and artistry, Folsom Prison is another entry in the highly-anticipated series of co-branded Folsom films. Tony Buff plays the corrupt corrections officer running everything on the inside of one of the most notorious prisons in the country. At over 3½ hours with six scenes and fourteen of the hottest men including Alex Baresi, Tony Buff, Damien Crosse, Chad Manning, Rick Van Sant, and Diesel Washington, TitanMen's Folsom Prison is a true fetish movie event.

Officers Markus Ram and Bjoern Giger are eager to check out the newest transfer to the hole: Diesel Washington. Diesel’s in the hole for assaulting a corrections officer, so Markus and Bjoern can’t wait to have a little fun with their newest prisoner. After roughing him up a bit with their nightsticks and fists, they string him up by his wrists to show him just how things work around there. Markus pulls out his cock and feeds it to Bjoern, who delivers a sloppy blowjob to his buddy, all the while taunting their prisoner until Markus shoots his first load all over Bjoern. After Markus sends Bjoern to get his tools, he punches Diesel point blank in the stomach a few more times.

Markus strips Diesel down to reveal Diesel’s hard cock and then pisses all over him to further show him who’s boss. With Diesel still fully suspended, Markus jerks Diesel off until he’s shot a massive load. Just when Markus least expects it, Diesel manages to free his wrists and overtakes Markus; when Bjoern returns, Diesel knocks him out too. It’s time for revenge! Diesel delivers simply one of the most aggressive fucks ever captured on film, first to Bjoern and then to Markus, who he strangles and punches while he’s power-fucking him, while Bjoern watches from the shadows, handcuffed and pissing all over himself. After they all cum, Diesel has them both handcuffed with their mouths taped up and pisses all over them. Discipline in prison might be rough, but payback’s even worse.

Corrections Officer Vinnie D’Angelo brings inmate Alex Baresi before Officer Tony Buff in the interrogation room. Tony is furious at his informant for not delivering something he’d promised. After stripping Alex down and delivering several hard blows to his stomach, Vinnie pries open Alex’s mouth while Tony mouth-fucks him. After Tony and Vinnie trade blowjobs, they throw Alex across a table; Vinnie stuffs his mouth and Tony dives into his furry, round ass with his probing tongue and fingers. Vinnie gets the honor of opening Alex’s ass up first with his cock; the huge muscled stud delivers several hard blows to Alex’s hungry hole with his hard cock. Tony stands over Alex and feeds Vinnie his cock while Vinnie’s fucking Tony.

Tony kicks Vinnie out so he can continue with his interrogation one-on-one; he flips Alex over onto his back and pisses all over him, drenching his hairy, muscular body with a seemingly endless spray. Tony then powerfucks his prisoner, holding Alex by his nips while he pile-drives his ass hard. Vinnie’s been watching and jerking off from behind the one-way mirror in the other room, but he can barely contain himself and manages to sneak back in to join back in on the action. After a deep fucking with plenty of long, hard thrusts, both Tony and Alex spray fat cum loads all over each other.

Tony flips Alex over onto all fours and lubes up his ass for some intense assplay that begins with his fingers and then moves to with a fat black dildo that’s about as long as a nightstick but easily twice as thick. After working it in slowly at first, Tony builds up speed with each thrust, slamming the whole damn thing in and out of Alex’s seemingly unstoppable ass. Tony then throws on a pair of gloves and fists him deep; his hand and then arm disappearing into Alex’s ass almost up to his elbow. All three shoot their loads, get dressed and then get on with their day.

Making his on-screen debut, we find Chad Manning quietly biding his time in his cell. He’s one year into his sentence, and Chad may be a model prisoner now, but this wasn’t always the case. Seems he made a break once with fellow inmate Trey Casteel. They made it out to Matthew Ford’s garage; when Matthew discovered the two of them, they had to take him down. Peeling their cocks out from their orange jumpsuits, Trey and Chad force Matthew to suck them off, taking turns making him gag on their thick cocks.

Matthew’s got to piss, but rather than letting him leave, they make him piss all over Trey. Chad joins in on the pissing, with both of them unleashing their hot streams all over Trey, who decides to join in and pisses all over himself as well. When they’re done pissing, all three jerk off and shoot their loads all over Trey. They move the action outside, where Matthew turns the tables on Chad and throws him over a pile of lumber. Trey pins Chad’s legs back and Matthew dives in, warming up his tight ass with his tongue and plenty of spit. With his legs spread wide, Matthew and Trey take turns power fucking Chad, taunting their eager bottom until all three each shoot another load.

Rick van Sant’s a crooked attorney who can only get his client Dak Ramsey off for a price, of course. Dak starts by sucking his attorney’s long, uncut cock as if his life (or in this case, freedom) depended on it. Rick’s cock plunges deep into the back of Dak’s throat, making him gag several times, but they still keep going at it. Vinnie D’Angelo watches from sidelines before diving in, pinning Dak’s hands behind his back while he sucks both Dak and Rick’s cocks at the same time. After swapping some more head, Vinnie and Rick both shoot their loads onto Dak after he’s first cum himself.

Of course, his freedom isn’t that easy. Rick quickly moves onto Dak’s ass next, fucking him hard with his long, curved cock while Vinnie watches from the side, stroking Dak’s hard rod. Soon, Vinnie’s fucking Rick from behind while Rick continues to fuck Dak. Vinnie starts fucking Dak and for a while it’s the two muscled, hairy studs going at it one-on-one until they both shoot again. Dak slaps on a pair of black latex gloves; with his elbow against the table, Rick lowers himself onto Dak’s gloved, lubed fist, literally bouncing up and down off it with amazing speed. Rick stands up on the table while Dak plunges his arm in him up to his elbow, with Vinnie helping him probe his ass to unforeseen depths with his fist. The scene ends with Dak literally punch-fucking a load out of Rick.

While Chad Manning and Derek da Silva are showering, they can’t keep their eyes off Damien Crosse, who’s standing at the toilet giving the two a show, pissing through his hard cock up into his mouth and all over his chest. Drying off, Chad forces Derek’s mouth onto Damien’s cock and the two mouth-fuck their fellow inmate.

Damien sucks Chad’s cock while Derek goes to town on Damien’s furry ass. When Tony Buff discovers the three prisoners going at it, he whips his cock out and unleashes a massive torrent of his own piss, shooting it in a huge arc onto the floor. Derek hoists Damien up over his head so he shoots his load into his own mouth and then Derek, Chad and Tony quickly follow suit with three more explosive cumshots. Of course Tony isn’t about to let these guys get away with having a good time, so he calls in fellow officer Dominic Sol to deliver some discipline.

Dominic, Tony, Chad and Damien deliver a beat down on Derek, working him over until he collapses. But Buff’s just getting started! He pulls a stun gun off his belt while the three other guys pin Derek down; as Tony holds the weapon before him, poor Derek’s so terrified that he literally pisses himself. That doesn’t stop Tony from discharging the weapon several times onto Derek’s balls and cock, and the jolts of electricity literally send him flying in the air. Tony, Damien, Chad and Dominic then gangbang Derek, stuffing him both his mouth and ass with their unforgiving, animalistic thrusts. The four cum all over Derek and then all wash him down with their piss; in the end, he’s literally drenched in sweat, cum and piss - a fitting end to the severe fuck he’s just endured.

After their intense orgy, Tony’s ready to get cleaned off with Chad in the shower. Chad slowly and attentively soaps up Tony’s body, spending extra time focusing on his smooth, round ass and well-muscled thighs. When Tony turns around, his fat cock is rock-hard and it’s clear he’s ready for another round. But this time - with no one else around - things are a bit different; still intense, but less aggressive and more passionate. They kiss before Chad descends on Tony’s cock with his mouth, sucking it with slow thrusts.

Splaying Chad up against the wall of the shower, Tony slides a condom on and Chad slowly backs up onto it while jacking himself off. Tony reaches around from behind and strokes Chad’s cock to orgasm while he continues to thrust his huge cock into him. Tony soon jerks a load onto Chad’s ass, they share a quick embrace and then it’s back to the cage for inmate Chad and back to work for Officer Tony."
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