My New Stepbrother episodes 1-4

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DescriptionFour consecutive videos:
1) My New Step Brother - Andy Banks and Dylan Lucas are set to become new step brothers. While getting to know each other, they discover that they are quite attracted to each other, and have a hot, steamy love-making session in the bedroom. How are they going to break the news to their dads?
2) My New Brother's Dad, pt 1 - Andy Banks is asleep on the couch, when Mitch Vaughn (Dylan's dad in the series) wakes him up to go to bed. Andy gives him a kiss, which gets them both going, and pretty soon they're both going at it in the living room. Probably the best part is where they're seen to get caught from the hallway, but Dylan and Nick Capra don't interrupt their play.
3) My New Brother's Dad, pt 2 - And here we see why they don't interrupt. Dylan catches Andy and Mitch going at it, and tries to prevent Nick from seeing. But he does, and rather than interrupt, he lures Dylan down the hallway to the dads' bedroom, where they have their own fun.
4) One Big Horny Family - Finally, the episode I'd been waiting for! Mitch and Nick get together and prove that they don't mind what they do with each other's sons, because they still have even hotter sex together. These two muscular daddies really heat things up when the boys aren't around to distract them!
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