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Dashing Alexis has the suave look you see on waiters and valets at chic restaurants, or on certain strippers found in the more upscale clubs. As it turns out, he�s a personal trainer by day and, yes, a stripper by night! Although Alexis is from Argentina, I discovered him on a sightseeing trip to Peru. Alex was omnipresent in all the dance clubs in Lima�if not stripping, then dancing, socializing, and otherwise hobnobbing in the dark, his exotic features dimly lit by the glow of a candle or flashing dance floor lights. He is dazzling in an almost movie-star way, and very well aware of this fact! But who can blame him for that?

The mirror doesn�t lie, and neither do the eyes of girls (and guys) in the clubs, or the eyes of men at the gym where works. Alexis has every right to feel good in his own skin.

Traumatized at 12 by the unwanted advances of his best friend, Alexis nonetheless grew up to be comfortable around gays and the gay scene. That advance may have prematurely ended a beautiful friendship, but it may also have planted the seed for his love of admiration from both sexes, of being an object of desire.

As a young adult, Alexis had moved to Peru when the economy got bad in Argentina, to look for a better life,

hoping of course for lots of exciting adventures along the way. Someone as ambitious and confident as Alexis could hardly be expected to sit around letting his natural assets go waste! Alexis knew he had�if nothing else�his beauty, charm, wit and intelligence with which to parlay opportunity. And that he�s done, admirably!

You will notice in his scene that he doesn�t just stroke, he performs. He looks into the camera as he would look into the eyes of a club patron ogling his tight, muscular body. Charming, childlike and magnetic, his angular face, bright eyes, and dazzling smile atop a sculpted body of bronzed perfection are a camera�s dream.

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