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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-07-18 |
Five of Fratmen's hottest guys are in Australia for more "work" in front of the camera.  The solo action starts with sandy blond Landon, who wakes up to the sound of the surf in time to squeeze out a sticky load.

Next up (!) is Damon, who warms up on a beach chair before coming inside to drop some cream on his belly button.  After this we see David skinny-dipping before he goes inside and, in somewhat un-Fratmen style, pleasures himself with a dildo.  He obviously loves this, as he blasts a load so hard that it hits his forehead.

The next scene has Riley in the shower...soaping up every part of his gorgeous body.  When things get too hot, he heads for the bedroom, where he lets loose a geyser of cream that hits his chin.  These frat guys are like firehoses!

Between each of these scenes there's a short cameo from Spencer, sitting on the stairs pounding his meat.  After Riley's eruption, Spencer finally gets his jizz out.  David's in the shower getting the load off his forehead, and soon Spencer joins him.  In another "not your usual Fratmen" moment, these two foxes not only soap each other up, but taste their buddy's cock.  After some 69 on the bathroom floor, it's back to bedroom.  This time, David misses his forehead--and gets his load in his hair.

The informal play between Spencer and David sets us up for the second file here, a "behind the scenes" look at the shoot (!) in Australia.  A combination of low-key interviews and lots of informal footage gives a glimpse into the life of buff fratboys on a paid vacation in Sydney. 

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