Prague Buddies 1

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DescriptionThe elusive, famed director William Higgins has added another mysterious chapter to his legend. Longtime fans may know that he relocated to Prague years ago and opened a gay playground named Drake's. In recent years, he has been active in mentoring new directors, as well as producing and directing videos under the name Wim Hof, which is no big secret. The mysterious part is that someone decided to market Prague Buddies as Higgins' first feature film in over a decade. Huh? Perhaps they missed the one of his that was nominated for Best International video last year.
Anyway, marketing and politics aside, let's talk about dick. Specifically, that of the uncut variety. There is plenty of it attached to young studly bodies in Prague Buddies. The heat is palpable in every scene, with most of them ending with double climaxes. A little more fine tuning would have pushed this one's ratings over the top. But as it is, the video is quite the sight to behold.
An athletic fraternity outside of Prague houses the Prague Buddies. How convenient. There is a cool black-and-white filmed opening, with naked guys running and passing a torch. (A "sextathalon?"). Then we witness some official-looking track and field events. Later, a soldier approaches two athletes in the shower and talks them into leaving with him. They soon arrive at an abandoned building, which serves as the headquarters for the secret fraternity.
There, a crowd of young men perform an initiation ceremony for the newcomers. After having beer poured on them, the neophytes are ordered to jerk off. Some hung members of the crowd join in the chicken-choking festivities. Hot stuff. Mouths may water (including yours), but the men keep a chaste distance while stroking. With about a dozen young studs beating off, the initiates are anointed with some of their cream to end the ceremony.
We catch footage of a football game, played with uniforms and all. Later, a sexy soldier takes a cute, slightly injured player to a hot, young doctor. A little Ben Gay may come in handy while watching this scene. As he waits in the hall during the examination, the soldier gets all hot and bothered by a salacious newspaper. He gets going even more when he peeks through the keyhole to see the doctor blowing the patient's hard bone. There is an awesome close-up of the soldier's pulsating anus as he begins to jerk off. Soon, he enters the exam room to partake in a hot three-way slurp session. The doctor pounds the athlete's hairy ass and later puts it to the soldier as well. While fucking them back and forth, the guys each discharge two rounds of spunkers.
Next, there is a romantic montage with scenes of the original soldier getting intimate with one of the new initiates. They flirt in the gym, in the shower, while watching TV, etc. They eventually get it on in the abandoned building. His inexperience shows (in a charming way) as the initiate blows the soldier to a big, thick iron rod. We get nice face-fucking action. The athlete's cock is definitely up for a return blow job. Soon, the soldier slides in a deep screw, but his "baby strokes" make it seem like he may not be fully into it. They set up pop shots and then fuck again (more vigorously, thank you). Each one later pops a hot, second jizzer.
Elsewhere, three club members are seen cruising each other in the gym and then in the shower. They later end up in the abandoned site. The one with longer hair has his uncut boner eaten by two buzzed brunets. There are hot views. He later plugs one of their asses with his big club. The fucking is slow, but sensuous. He later plows the second guy in the same fashion. To get off, they do a trio J/O. They do a second, more-spirited round of screwing and second cummings.
Two other members ride a strange motorbike to pick up a new recruit from the Polish Army. They soon have a private three-way initiation ceremony. We see a hard suck session as they chow on each other's uncut meat. Soon, the members plug the recruit's face and butt hole at the same time. Hot stuff. The more aggressive brunet member really knows how to pound it home. They stroke out a hot trio of creamers.
At nearly two hours running time, you get plenty of bang for your buck with Prague Buddies. And the human scenery is incredible, with the young attractive cast.
Stars:  Ales Hanak  Pavel Korsakov  Mylan Forman  Karel Pisek  Pavel Holub  Milan Dabelsky  Pavel Dubeck  Martin Pravda  Vilem Zeman  Adam Koch  Ivan Romanof  Janusz Dickovsky  Tomas Navatny  Jan Dvorak  Jirka Kalvoda  Zdenek Romany 
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