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Monster Trap
Jay has come to take a swim in the lake. As he stretches out and warms up, he doesn't notice the mysterious man in black rubber eying him from an offshore kelp bed. Finding the water too cold for just his trunks, Jay pulls on a tight black wetsuit and swim boots, then wades into the water. He doesn't get far before the rubber-clad monster overtakes him! They grapple and struggle at water's edge and soon Jay finds himself actually getting into it. He quickly comes to his senses, though, and breaks away. He runs through the woods but is eventually taken down, hooded, bound, bagged and stuffed into the trunk of a car! Emerging into a rubberized version of Hell, Jay spends the next several hours chloroformed, tied up, masked, stroked, dildo'd, ass-plugged and forced to cum!

Monster Trap Part Deux
Pay attention here. Monster Trap Part Deux is a quirky, alternative fetish cumshot actioner that purposely has no plot. It is a series of unconnected indoor/outdoor/water adventures featuring lots of wet suit diving gear, unusual vignettes of surprise attacks, subduing, physical overpowering, smothering out, choking unconscious, bondage, and lots of mano-on-mano molestation. Starring one of Boss Sexton`s most notorious and prolific bad boys Jimmy Dean... all grown up and just as hot as he always was, but now a man. New to some of his fans, Jimmy sports recent back ink work. In this video both in and out of his wet suit, Jimmy is a bad guy; then a knocked out bondage victim in two scenes. Cute wet suit boy Jay Jornter gets surprise attacked in the shower, tub wrestled, knocked out, and tied up (in three ways... indoors and outdoors) and endures a lot of erotic manhandling by Jimmy and mystery wet suit man Nova Orca. In another vignette, Jimmy is attacked in the lake, smothered out cold, then taken into the woods, tied on his back to a log alter, manhandled and jacked off in front of boy Jay tied to a tree at the same spot. You`ll get off figuring it out. Shot in rural French speaking Canada, Monster Trap Part Deux puts you in control to rearrange the very kinky video segments to satisfy your fantasies any way you want. To the ever faithful Jimmy Dean fans.... he`s ba-ack. Get him before he gets away from Boss Sexton again.

2-Jay Jortner Solos
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