BuenosBoys - Nicolas

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Age: 20
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 165
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Gray
Zodiac: Taurus
Dick: 7"
Build: Slim
Home: Rosario, Argentina

Nicolas has one of those deceptively sweet faces that promises a benignly sexy evening, with the kind of non-threatening, teen-idol good looks that young girls love to love, A smooth face, wavy hair, slender frame and the unusual coloring of ice-blue-yes and brunette hair, it’s easy to see how one could get such an impression. Take into account his ready smile and gentle manner, and it makes for a double surprise when you get him behind closed doors and start talking sex.

“Fiery” and “violent” are two adjectives he uses to describe how he likes it in bed. Lest we think that he just meant the usual rough stuff, Nicolas—perhaps turned on by my widening eyes—got more specific, revealing that he likes to “grab her by the hair…slap her around…” Okay!

But some people defy being pigeonholed. Nicolas may have a decided kink, but he isn’t quite the brute he would have you think. As we chatted before he got down to business, he revealed that part of the turn-on is turning his partner on,

going so far as to concede that “maybe she can have control sometimes!”

Where role-play ends and reality begins in his bedroom may be left for us to guess. But what’s clear is that he is a lover of women, of girls and their bodies. He may be raunchy but he is at heart a sensualist, and his fantasy-fulfillment “dark side” is in so many words, a game to him. But when one possesses such an imagination as Nicolas, the game board presents endless possibilities, doesn’t it?

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