[SATYRFILMS] Cum Filled Manholes 4

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DescriptionScene 1:  Andre

Andre was last seen in Ream His Straight Throat 4.  We thought we really scared Andre away because he was not responding to our attempts at contacting him.  It turns out he was in Europe touring with a dance band and had changed all his contact info.  One day out of the blue we got a call from Andre saying he was back in LA and dead broke.

We offered him some money to get back on his feet again on one condition.  That condition would be that we would fuck the hell out of him!  Of course, he was reluctant at first but when you are really hard up for cash taking a big cock up your ass isn¬ít so bad.  So we made quick work of booking him and proceeded to punch fuck him till his tight little hole was gaping. 

Andre has really gotten quite buffed since the last time we throatfucked him. He looked quite hot as his hole could offer little resistance to our thick Satyr cock. His hole gets rammed and rammed over again.  He has his legs high in the air as our Satyr shoots thick gobs of manjuice into his twitching manhole.  Another cum filled manhole surrenders!

Scene 2:  Gabriel

Gabriel is a hot, Latin stud we met while on the town on the Sunset Strip.  He was standing outside the limousine he was driving.  We offered a huge amount of money to be in one of our films.  He is totally straight and has never been with guy.  Although he said he has thought about now and then, the opportunity never presented itself.  After several calls back and forth we were finally able to get to come over for  a thorough work out session.  He was a little unsure of what he was going to be doing but after a little prompting he finally agreed to be initiated into the Satyr fold.

This guy has got one beautiful body and an amazing hole.  Rock wastes no time in familiarizing himself with the Gabriel¬ís insides.  Gabriel¬ís straight throat is the first to be penetrated by Rock¬ís thick cock.  Gabriel chokes and gags immediately but is quite the trooper and does not take a break.  A couple of times he has to go to the bucket but he soon comes back for more.  His eyes bulge with every stroke of the thick Satyr manmeat plowing virgin territory.  After several minutes of this oral assault, Rock moves onto the edge of the bed where the real pounding begins.  Gabriel¬ís eyes are bloodshot and filled with tears as his gullet is completely defenseless at stopping the invasion.  He expurgates a few times and attempts to utters some incomprehensible words that are totally ignored.  Perhaps they are pleas for mercy, sorry you shouldn¬ít talk with your mouth full, Gabriel.

So finally Gabriel¬ís throat gets a break, but now it is time for virgin manhole to give it up to our Satyr.  At first his hole is tight and quivering.  But soon, Rock rams his fat dick way up Gabriel¬ís hole.  He moans and groans at what must feel like ramrod going in and out of his ass.  It is not long before his butthole is gaping and no longer unwilling or unable to stop the penetration.  After all, it will not stop until we say so!

Rock shoves a nightstick into Gabriel¬ís ass and then the large anal balls.  As is tradition at Satyr we try to fill these straight men¬ís holes with as many things as possible at one time.  Gabriel is fucked with the anal balls and a big cock at the same time.

Gabriel finally gets a break and eats Rock¬ís hole for a good amount of time.  This is a piece of cake compared to getting his throat ripped open by Rock¬ís fat dick.  Rock alternately fucks Gabriel and then throatfucks him so that Gabriel can experience what ass to mouth is like between two men.  After several hours, Rock finally gets Gabriel to hold his hole open so a big load of Satyr juice can flow deep inside.  Rock¬ís thick, creamy jizz fills another straight manhole in this latest addition to Cum Filled Manholes 4.

Scene 3:  Mitch

Mitch is a jack-of-all trades who has been in LA for quite some time.  He has tried just about everything except for sucking some cock and getting his hole plowed by a thick, fat dick.  Of course, we wasted little time in getting those items added to his resume.  He is masculine stud, who says he is straight, although we have our doubts.  He is a little too eager to wrap his mouth around Kris Anthony¬ís member.

Kris proceeds to throatfuck Mitch in various positions until he finally tires of his straight throat.  He greases up Mitch¬ís hole ramming some dildos up his asshole.  Kris then shoves his cock deep inside this hot man¬ís butt.  Mitch whimpers a little but certainly not as much as we would expect from a straight man.  Well, who cares everyone in LA becomes a little gay after awhile, it¬ís all good.

After a good amount of ass-pounding, Kris unloads his hot jizz into Mitch¬ís manhole filling it up with his DNA.  Mitch¬ís anal walls are now awash with Satyr juice as it oozes from his (not-so-tight anymore) sphincter.  Thanks Mitch for joining the club!

Scene 4:  Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom gets it real good by straight bouncer, Chad Rock.  We met Chad in San Francisco while he was working his night job at one of the dance clubs.  He works during the day building bridges but he is always interested in making some extra cash on the side.  So we offered a huge wad of cash to pound Rock into submission.

Rock does the best he can getting throatfucked by Chad.  Gagging and choking like only Rock can do.  Chad pushes him on the bed and proceeds to fuck Rock¬ís sweet hole.  We, of course, are quite familiar with Rock¬ís manhole but we always enjoy seeing him squirm and quiver with anticipation.

Chad fucks Rock in various positions.  He introduces the Satyr chain for the first time into Rock¬ís ass.  Rock is reluctant to take it all the way in and stops about halfway through.  However, we know that Rock finally takes the entire 18 inch chain in Ream His Straight Throat 7.  He apparently had gotten over his fear of filling his butt with 15 links of stainless steel.

Running out of weird objects to shove up Rock¬ís hole, Chad improvises and rams the TV remote control up Rock¬ís stretched sphincter.  Rock attempts to change the channels on the TV with his rimhole but fails, maybe next time.  Chad shoots his hot jism into Rock¬ís exhausted hole which lets it ooze out ever so slowly.

Scene 5:  Tommy Blair

Tommy Blair was in one of our other scenes for Ream His Straight Throat 8.  He is a young kid from Kentucky who just got to LA to become a movie star.  Of course, LA being what it is it was not long before Tommy was on our doorstep looking for work.  We worked him over quite well in Ream His Straight Throat 8 where he was throatfucked into submission.  It was his very first time being with a man and also his first time on camera. 

We, being Satyrs, broached the subject of whether he would ever be willing to get fucked on camera.  He was absolutely against that as his hole was truly virgin.  He had had not so much as a finger up there.  We offered him an obscene amount of cash and he said he would think about it.  It was not long before he was negotiating for more cash if he was going to give his hole to Satyr.  We came to a price that would work.

We prepared him as best we could for what was to come.  But he was still completely shaken to the core.  At first his hole was resistant but as we continued to work it over it finally relented and gave up.  Within 20 minutes his virgin, straight hole was gaping and beckoning us in.  We could not resist!

We shoved our thick manmeat as far as it would go and he jumped a couple of feet attempting to escape.  But as we all know there is no escape once you submit at Satyr.  At some point we got a sense that he was really beginning to enjoy it.  He sat on our fat cock.  We shackled his legs so we could get better access to his pretty manhole.  We filled his truly, straight hole with a wad of thick cream that oozed ever so slowly into his innards.  He cumfarted it out a few times as we pushed it back again until we were satisfied that we had converted another straight guy into the Satyr world.
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