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Dago and Marius are on a really hard Submission Match. Dago, who just had his second fight at Fightplace, wanted to fight Marius, because both of them knew each other but not in a good way. So we were sure to get a really exciting match, which would be really hard, but no one ever expected that we get a Punishment-Fight. Our two fighters entered the fightroom at started to warm up. When they undressed their clothes, they oiled themselves to prevent injuries or abrasions. The fight began. Dago tried to grab Marius' legs to throw him on the ground but Marius was very steady on his legs and presented what he learned at Fightplace. After about five minutes of dogged wrestling Marius performed the first SchoolBoyPin. He used this position for some Bitchslaps and riding on his opponents muscles. The well tanned Marius poses a lot while he shows his advantage. After this round it got way harder. Dago tried to grab Marius again and again but Marius is stronger than him. You are able to notice that Marius enjoyed that situation. Boxing, wedgies and Ballgrabs are the tools of intimidation. The poor Dago had to suffer a lot of Scissors, combined with Headlocks. No way to unshackle. Dago was really impressed by Marius' power and agility. Because of this, he got more more careful. He seemed to be scared of his well trained opponent. Marius had a lot of fun and wanted to hear Dago whine. Dago can't speak German, so the biggest part of the conversation is English. Marius called him a "Pussy" and punished him combative and verbal. The fight took about 45 minutes. Dago was totally out of power and had no chance to turn the fight. He had to give up because of some injuries he was experienced in pain. He didn't expected that Marius is so powerful because he seemed to be just a weak boy when he is wearing his clothes. But when he undresses you notice that he trained a lot and that he has way more power then any slim boy.
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