Adam Killian & Trent Diesel - Scene from Eye Contact

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DescriptionWhy don’t you come in – I’ve got something to show you,” says Adam Killian as he invites us into his bedroom. The tasty morsel he’s going to share? It’s Trent Diesel, a Midwestern hunk ripped with muscles and inked with sexy tattoos.

Adam knows how to treat his men – from the onset the pair deeply kisses and rubs their hands all over each other’s hard, hulking frames. Trent, however, can’t contain himself – he starts pawing at Adam’s bulging pants, prompting him to ask us if we want to see Adam’s meaty package. Of course!

Trent unzips Adam, and his hefty, 8-inch cock pops out, only to vanish down TrentÂ’s throat. As Trent sucks, Adam looks into the camera to tell us how good it feels. But Adam isnÂ’t greedy: he switches roles with Trent and drops to his knees, slurping on TrentÂ’s 7.5-inch dick before the two fall to the bed and have a steamy 69 session.

TrentÂ’s bottom urges get the better of him, so Adam prepares the cowboyÂ’s ass with a sloppy tongue bath before turning to the camera and asking if we want to watch them fuck.

Adam shows no mercy as he flips Trent over and pounds him doggy-style: the bottomÂ’s head rolls back and forth as he cries out for more. Trent works up a glistening sweat as Adam mounts him, drilling his ass deeper than before. Adam, loving the camera, never fails to shoot us a boyish smirk as Trent squirms and moans.

The sexy pair climaxes together, shooting their wads of cum all over TrentÂ’s stomach and pelvis. Exhausted, they stare longingly into the camera. A job well done.!
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