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Ricky Underton
You’ll like Ricky’s slightly defiant attitude as he lounges on the Defiant couch rubbing himself through baggy jeans and a t-shirt. “Wanna see what I got?” he teases, unbuckling and flashing a hairy trail. He tugs off his t-shirt and tugs down his jeans, just enough for a big cock head to peek out. Unzipping more to jack off more, Ricky slaps his growing dick on his abs.  When he pulls down his jeans, his cock is up past his navel. You’ll like the way he uses his thumb to keep the pressure on the top of his dick. He shifts to a right-handed jack off, tugging his ample nuts with his left.  Using a two-handed grip, he squeezes out some precum, which he hungrily sucks off his fingers. You’ll like his wrist action, especially just before he gets pretty intense and warns, “I’m about to cum.” He pours two heavy streams of spooge onto his lightly- haired chest. Naturally, he feeds himself: “Wanna see a straight guy eat his cum?” Knowing we do, we get a sudden and welcome close-up: “Mmmmm.”

“I think I’m gonna jack off,” announces boyish Vincenzio. “I hope you wanna watch me. And maybe jack off with me. So here we go.”  Before long, the jeans are unbuttoned, revealing more buttons on the black CK boxers and a tempting bulge. Vincenzio works his two fingers inside the CK’s button-fly, working up a nice woody, which he soon lets poke itself out. After letting at least one ball peek out,  He continues his two-finger hand job, a technique he’s perfected. Finally, he tugs down his KC’s, throws his head back and really jacks, making his hefty balls bounce and his cock thicken up and leak. He tastes the leakage. He also fingers his hairy ass. “You wanna touch it?” Vincenzio asks. Turns out that Joe Serna does. And in what seems to be a Defiant first, Vincenzio lets Serna jack him off on camera, leaking and smiling to show how much he likes the attention. With his cock throbbing and dripping some major leakage, Vincenzio suddenly pushes Joe’s hand away. He’s almost lost it, but obviously doesn’t want to cum just yet. Tasting his major leakage (“Mmmm”) Vincenzio carefully applies some lubrication. It’s too much for him. Vincenzio dumps a pretty messy load, splashing his shoulder and the pillow. Then he feeds himself his own goopiness, savoring every goop on his tongue. Turns out that Vincenzio had been saving up for six days.

Even when he’s fully dressed you can tell that Nicoya is heavily tattooed. The A&F knockoff look (baggy cargo pants, layered jersey, backwards cap) cannot hide this dude’s edge. And you won’t want it to. “I thought I heard somebody in here,” he says, adding graciously, “You can watch if you like.”  Nicoya gets right to it, working up a pretty good bulge inside his plaid boxers. By the time he takes off his cap and really grabs his dick, he’s already leaking. With boxers gone, he lubes up, producing more leakage, and looking damn hot in that jersey. “You like what you’re watching?” he taunts. Nicoya has a very controlled, very deliberate style of jerking off. He’s pretty quiet once he gets into it and when the jersey goes and his intricate street tats are exposed, his dark good looks get edgier. You’ll love having his sexy left armpit right in your face as he jerks off steadily, deliberately, squeezing out precum. Pretty suddenly, this hot and horny dude moans and spews over his stomach. When he rubs the sticky stuff around and shows off his mess, his cock throbs. Then he licks his fingers and YOUR cock throbs.

Chase Hunter
Chase is something of a pretty boy and definitely a horny boy. “Why don’t you come and join me?” he asks, invitingly, stripping down to his FTL boxer briefs. Chase has perfect brown quarter-size nipples which stand out as he rubs his FTL bulge, and then rubs his cock on his abs. Leaking right out of the gate, he licks his fingers. Chase looks fuckin’ hot when he stands to show off his 7+ cock and his stringy precum. He’s very expressive and applies expert wrist and finger action to his well-lubricated cock. Unlike most of the other Defiant boys, Chase watches gay porn, and it keeps him goin’. He playfully flirts with the camera, curling his lip. You’ll notice that pretty boy gets real flushed after he jacks for a while. Tensing up, Chase sprays several powerful blasts of jizz into his face. When the director, Joe Serna comes in to admire the load he’s produced, Chase admits that he also came the night before, spraying his walls at home even harder. Licking his fingers, he heads off to the shower.

Sean Blake
Sean introduces himself as a newbie, here to shoot his “first video,” and cops to having “kinda a shoe fetish.”  As he gets started, the camera zooms on some athletic shoes surrounding him. Sean drops a few more gobs of spit in his hand and drops one directly on his dick for lubrication. His right hand is tucked inside one of those shoes he’s so fond of. He’s even more fond of his cute boyfriend, Travis, who comes into the scene to help Sean out. They kiss, which makes Sean super hard. Travis kisses Sean’s huge nipple, which makes his dick even harder. They kiss some more, and Travis nibbles on Sean’s ear and nipple. Sean keeps jacking his sturdy cock and his cock head swells eagerly, leaking sweet precum. We get some intense close-ups, but Travis gets the pre-cum, which he licks up eagerly, before swallowing his boyfriend’s sturdy dick. Travis goes back to chewing on Sean’s tit, while Sean jacks and leaks and we get more close-ups. There’s more sweet and sexy kissing. Travis nurses on Sean’s tit some more, but cannot resist Sean’s precum. Before long, Sean warns, “I’m close,” losing control and pounding out a modest load with his left hand. “Not one of my better days,” he concedes, but, hell, it was all good.

Travis Martinez
“Today it’s my turn,” Travis announces. Alone on the couch in his black t-shirt, jeans, and CK briefs, he looks even sexier and hornier than he did nursing on Sean. Turns out he’s got a pretty thick dick and the camera captures it from cool angles, including a few mirror shots. When Travis stands and strokes, you’ll be all “Sean who?” This dude has huge balls, and when he strokes hard, they bounce hard and high. Wasting no time at all, Travis quickly spills a thick and creamy—and tasty—load. But he’s not done. Looking sexier and hornier than ever, he keeps on jerking off, until, sure enough, our boy delivers his second creamy load: “Here we go for round two.” Impressive.

Nick Needs
Batting clean up, so to speak, and “all alone, sort of,” Nick needs some attention and invites us to join him: “Let’s have some fun, huh?”  “You guys wanna see it?” He doesn’t mean his cap, his white t-shirt, white socks, or his jeans, all just window dressing. He looks a little goofy when he strips off his shirt, but teases, “Bet you wanna suck on these nipples.” Lubing up, Nick stands to show off a pretty sizeable cock. He fingers his pretty hairy ass: “Would you like to stick your dick into that? Too bad. I’m straight. I can do a little something myself,” Nick flirts, “Wanna see this?” He finger fucks his hairy ass for you. “You wish you could have it, huh?” He probes deeply with two fingers. Nick surprises with a nifty purple toy, which he takes in all the way, liking it. His toy makes him pretty hard. Throwing his legs over his head, Nick asks, “Did you like that?” Nick likes to talk. “Getting’ ready to cum. Wanna see me cum in my face? Bet you wouldn’t think a straight guy would do that!” Dude, that’s why they call it Defiant. Nick gets very expressive as the pressure builds: “Here it cums.” He delivers an intense load, not in his face. He feeds himself his goo. It’s what Defiant dudes do.
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