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Black Attack features some of the biggest black dicks that Brasil has to offer finding their way into some of the sweetest ass to be found. From the first foreskin covered prick to the last, there isn't a moment wasted. You will enjoy seeing some of Alexanders regulars getting sticky and sated with some new faces and the beautiful bodies they adorn. Leave the remote on the table for this one and just sit back and enjoy the show.

Scene 1
Nestor Silveira tops Renato Morales
Renato Morales is becoming one of those highly anticipated regulars of Alexander Pictures. He doesn't have the big muscles or the exploding biceps of some of the Brasilian studs that we've come to love, but he has an impressive cock and that boy-next-door look that makes watching him have sex a hot treat. Match him up with Black stud Nestor Silveira and you have a super sexy bit of mood lighting. These guys really take their time touching and kissing and showing their cocks off to each other before Renato finally lays over and sucks Nestor's cock. Nestor relishes that mouth on his dick and lets Renato give him a clearly well-practiced head job. Once they start the temperature quickly rises and the fuck is on. Swapping blowjobs and some sixty-nine make up the path Nestor's cock takes to Renato's hole. Renato's face shows that while he can take it, our boy-next-door definitely feels it and loves it. Nestor pounds his cock into that hole in as many positions as he can until he fucks the cum right out of Renato's bone. When Nestor lays back to finish himself off, he nuts all the way to his chin as proof of the good time he's just had. Lucky chin.

Scene 2
Affonso Lugo tops Rene Cueva
Tats, muscle, and smiles start this scene of black on white action. Affonso Lugo sports some impressive guns, a well-developed chest and a flat stomach that prove too much for muscle worshiping Rene Cueva. Rene has his hands all over Affonso's sexy body and his own as he enjoys all that this big, black top has to offer. And what he has to offer is a hefty piece of dark meat and some fingers that bang open Rene's back door. To show his appreciation for such an offer, Rene gets Affonso's cock hard and wet and then backs his ass up as a way of inviting that bone in for a visit. Affonso is ready to oblige and what follows is some fine fucking in positions galore. It all builds up to Affonso straddling Rene's chest while the sexy bottom cums on his own belly just before Affonso squirts a big load on Rene's chest. He really followed through on his offer.

Scene 3
Julio Andrade tops Ulises Cuen
Back in bed again, we find two pretty-face boys having a chat and sharing a tender moment. Julio Andrade and Ulises Cuen stage one of the most tender makeout sessions I've ever seen in an Alexander film. They caress and kiss and lick their way to erection and then kiss some more. Before long, though, they have their big, uncut cocks out and the gentle caresses turn into bone grabbing that leads to cock sucking and the real fun begins. They don't rush, but they definitely get down to business and when Julio eventually makes his way through all the cock sucking to wedge his prick between Ulises' ass cheeks, he again takes his time getting that big piece firmly inside that tight hole. Once it's in, he takes full advantage of his new jackoff toy and works himself up to an awesome nut that mixes just perfectly with Ulises'. It's no surprise to see them curl up for a cat nap with each other to finish off their love making session.

Scene 4
Gustavo Alves tops Remingo Ponce
Remingo Ponce and Gustavo Alves are the next couple and they take no time for pleasantries. Remingo has his eye on the ball, so to speak, and has Gustavo out of his shorts and stroking a giant prick faster than you can refresh your lube. Gustavo's prick looks huge when he stroking it but when you see Remingo struggling to get even the head in his mouth, you know it;s going to be a fucking worth seeing. Gustavo is at least nice enough to spit on Remingo's little pucker before he plunders it with the black battering ram he has hanging between his legs. Remingo takes it in his ass like a champ. He rides that dick like a bitch and clearly enjoys every moment of it. He backs up on that dick on his hands and knees and pushes back to get it in deeper. Then he's on his back cumming and Gustavo shoots from between his legs all the way up onto Remingo's forehead. That's a helluva shot, boys! A helluva shot indeed.

Scene 5
Rodrigo Bekmann tops Alef Carvalho
Alef Carvalho is another of those boys that we are happily becoming accustomed to seeing in Alexander Pictures films. He's sweet faced, hot bodied, and nicely inked. More than that, he can take some big fucking dick up his ass without complaint. Rodrigo Bekmann brings it, too. He's got a cock that would make most bottoms break out in a sweat. Not Alef, though. He gets that dick in his mouth as fast as he can and doesn't waste any time trying to get his own dick sucked before he gets fucked. He's all mouth and ass and he makes it obvious that this big black dick is what he needs to make his own cock shoot. Rodrigo fucks Alef's mouth for a good while before finally stretching that tight little hole out for some back door reaming. When the get to the cumshots, it's another far-blowing load from our black attacker and a nice load from a talented bottom. What a sweet sexy mess.
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