Alexander Pictures - Arabian Tales #1

CategoryMiddle Eastern
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DescriptionNewcummer Jamal al Din, a young and beautiful Arabian teenage twink, rests in the solitude of a Saharan dune with an old trunk left behind by some long-ago lost Sir Galahad. Inside the chest, Jamal discovers a tantalizing tome -- a sex-filled storybook -- that takes the viewer on a jizz-filled journey from one erotic scene to another.

Scene One

Amidst belly-dancers and egyptian palm trees, Jamal wanders around a nameless Mid-Eastern town and stumbles onto a stockroom where he discovers smooth-skinned Qatar-queer Jabir Hassam who is about to go down on hot and horny Hannad Hadi. Hidden behind a plethora of Persian rugs, Jamal watches every sexually-stimulating act that the two hotties can conjure up. When Hannad exposes his Algerian ass as plump as the Red Sea, Jabir readies it for a fervent fuck-session with his tantalizing tongue. The pounding continues until both exotic beauties explode their loads with enough flowing fluid that would flood the Nile!

Scene Two

Our young twink Jamal stumbles upon another basement stockroom where he witnesses an Arabian acrobatic 3-way, already in progress. Imad Aldin, with his abs of steal, first watches from the sidelines as camel-cocked cutie Khuzaymajan and tattooed-twink Shakir Dabir kiss, lick and suck each other into a frenzy. When Imad stands up and begins beating his boner, his colossal balls bounce like the belly-dancing babes outside. Then the Morrocan muscle-man begins to service his harem with his wet, hot mouth that begs for both cocks at the same time. As if that isnt enough to blow anyones load, the tight-muscled Imad takes both mens cocks at the same time! He gets double-fucked for seemingly hours until this scintillating scene finally erupts in juicy erotic ecstasy!

Scene Three
Jamals storybook fantasy continues when we cum upon another hot couple making out profusely as they disrobe their traditional garb to expose two more Arabian Knights in shining armor! Saudi-sucking studpuppy Hisham Abdul crams Jalal Aldis brown uncut dick into his awaiting mouth while moans and groans are heard from both of them. They trade places eating each others delicious desert dongs, then Jalal gives Hisham a rim-job worth of an academy award! After readying his friends bubble-butt, he dicks him doggy-style as hot and relentless as a giant sand-dune. Finally, a jug-ful of juicy man liquid showers the two men in blissful climax!

Scene Four

Another suck-session is witnessed by our cutie Jamal in a similar Mid-Eastern warehouse. This time, tight-muscled Hamzan Majid savors cute-boy Ashrat Walis donkey dick with boy-sex ecstasy. When Hamzan sits on Ashrats gigantic Persian pecker, the real action begins. The two North Africans continue their spicy sexual tryst with Hamzan taking it up the butt in numerous, erotic positions. In a finale to this awesome scene, Ashrat sprays Hamzans gorgeous young face with a creaming of cum, leaving him looking like a hot melting glazed donut!

Scene Five

The next fantasy scene begins with rough-trade Khalaf Mujib getting power-blown by hunk-of-death Muzzafar after a kissing frenzy that would make Allah himself shoot his wad! When the pierced Persian begins to sixty-nine his buddy, were exposed to some awesome close-ups of his inviting asshole. Out of nowhere, scene-stealer Nijad Hayyan appears and is beckoned to join the sex-play episode with delight. The two babes guzzle the gargantuan Gaza-sized girth of Nijads hard pole in a desert daisy chain before they take turns getting butt-fucked with a bang! Gorgeous muscle man Muzzafar gets sprayed all over his hot chest and abs with three loads of Jiz-lamic man-juice in the finale to this awesome scene!
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