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DescriptionHe's a bitch – part 1

This video does not need a lot of words. Moe and knut are in their element. These two absolutely found to each other. Knut makes himself comfortable on the sofa. He just wants to chill after work. But his roommate Moe is full of energy, he wants some fun and action. He is nerving Knut until he gives in to fight him. We are following them to the attic. What is now happening in the next 70 minutes, none of us would have expected. Moe is starting with full speed and makes knut his slave. He is enjoying extremely, to dominate him, to torture him and to knead him roughly. Knut has a lot of trouble, to counter Moe’s energy. After some time he is giving up and is letting everything happening to him. This submission is used by Moe to tie him up and play with him. With his sharp, relaxed and sympathetic kind, Moe manages to completly throw his enemy off. It almost looks like knut’s enjoying, to get beaten by his younger friend. The role of the master suits Moe. Knut’s now his bitch. But has knut forgotten that he is owned by Hardy? This guy lurks on those two for quite some time in the attic. What happens when hardy shows himself, you will all see in the second part of he’s a bitch

Part 2
Hardy is lurking for quite some time behind a curtain and is watching the games of Moe and Knut. What is this young dominant brat doing with his sub? Hardy is the master of Knut, wich was greatly clarified in “master & slave”. Why is this youngster getting involved and trys to be a master? This could not be tolerated by Hardy. He is getting involved! Knut is happy to serve both masters, but between the masters hardy and Moe a lot of things have to be clarified. The masters are fighting each other, in their manners. Will hardy be able to defend his bitch or does he lose “her” to Moe?

Out of control – Part 1
Eddie and Knut has long since become good friends. But as it is with good friends who get it. Sometimes in the wool And as so often in life , it's about the money. Eddie Knut still owes money. Knut just wants to pick on him. But Eddie is busy with other things and do not remember to have his buddy into the house. On the contrary , since he is about to clean the hall , he uses the mop water to make it pour Knut unceremoniously over his head. Knut is beside himself with anger and stands like a poodle on cast front entrance of the house . But then Eddie has pity on his friend and let him inside. Knut takes off his wet clothes and calls Eddie to a fight . Eddie laughs at him because he looks anyway as the stronger of the two. But that will now decide the next fight. And in this fight both fighters get "out of control" because they use ALL, to humiliate the enemy and humiliate . Also, they do not shy away from intimacy itself . " Cock to Face" is a fitting slogan here . And if that's not enough , the ball is squeezed and pulled until it no longer withstand the opponent . Ouch! It is not even particularly bother Knut apparently , that his crown jewels and his pride are most of the time in the fresh air and be massaged and abused by Eddie . But from time to engage Knut literally and thus can offer Eddie Parolie . Which in turn begins to bite his opponent when he is no longer coming . Wild and out of control just to offer both here an extraordinary battle that is both sexy as well as combative succeeded.

Private punishment 3
Toni meets the newcomer Rico at his garage. The boys are talking about the last fights at Fightplace. Rico is showing his muscles whilst they talk. He looks good in his new shirt. Toni seems unimpressed but internally he dislikes that the newcomer is showing off. So he challenges him to a match. Both fighters go hard on each other and are not sparing their clothes. Toni rips Rico's new shirt apart. Now the fight is getting even harder and more brutal. Rico has a lot of power but toni knows more tricks and he is less shy than Rico. So he starts with ballgrabs, then rips Rico's jeans and after that his Slip. Both opponents are now naked and Toni is starting to torture Rico. Toni strikes again and again Rico's weakest point. To top that he binds his balls with the ripped Slip. This probably hurts a lot! Now Toni binds the tortured Rico's arms behind his back with parts of the jeans. This is the end of the fight and Rico is left to the mercy of his brutal opponent.

Check the new one 3
Joe met up with his friend Marvin in our Fightplace flat. They started with catching and wrestling in a funny way, but it became more and more serious. Joe wanted to check, if his friend is a good opponent on the matts. Joe became way more self confident and stronger then before. You can't compare it to his beginning at Fightplace. But then it got serious. Joe just wanted to show his skills but Marvin was always able to counter his moves and to control him. Now Joe used some nasty tricks. Marvin had to endure some hard scissors, schoolboypins and wedgies. But our new fighter was able to learn fast. Marvin, just 16 years of age, convinced with his ability to learn all this tricks so fast and dominated the little Joe. No one of them wanted to give up, especially our youngster Joe, who got more and more dedicated in this fight because of his good opponent. After both of this scored one point the fight became harder. But now we don't want to tell you the end of the fight. Is the new fighter Marvin able to overcome the experienced Joe?

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