♺ Man's Best - Action Boy - BoyTropolis Part Two

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-03-01 |

Bel Ami superstar Lukas Ridgeston doing bareback?  You bet!  Soon after Lukas Ridgeston turned every head in the United States, essentially creating an entire new market for sexy movies from Eastern Europe, this film was found.  Turns out, Lukas was not first discovered by Bel Ami Studios after all.  And it turns out, he's in this boyfest, all-bareback movie. Keep in mind that bareback movies were not so run-of-the mill in 1996 as today.

This is part two of a two-part German-language duet featuring Lukas Ridgeston clearly in his pre-Bel Ami days, looking every bit as alluring as ever.  Plenty of cute guys, nice bodies and dicks, tons of cum, and lots of facials.

Boytropolis is a mystical tale of a pretty, dark-haired guy who discovers a sexual paradise high up in the mountains.  At Boytropolis, a tribe of loincloth-clad youths drink of a magic green elixir, stay forever young and beautiful, and spend their days and nights screwing each others' brains out.  Unfortunately, if one of them is deprived of this potion, they vanish in a puff of smoke.

When Part 2 begins, our visitor has already taken the elixir and joined the locals.  Two guys fuck and suck in a storeroom.  The guest and a blond suck each other off outside on a ladder, with the guest getting a facial.  Inside the stage room, Lukas does a long, slow, striptease, dances and quickly jacks off, for a room full of admirers.  The guest has to choose between two other guys and Lukas and guess who wins?  Lukas tops the guest in bed and pops a nice load. 

Two guys each fuck a blond in bed. Another guy fucks a friend, with a blond sucking while he can, in the stage room. Lukas and the guest exchange orals with Lukas giving a nice facial.  Gazing out the window, the visitor sees the ritual of the elixir taking place. One of the boys, deprived of the potion, disappears in smoke. Our visitor is disturbed greatly, running away, jumping in the car and escaping.

The image quality here is not as good as I would like, but this was hard to find so it's worth some sacrifice.  Check out the screen grabs and make your own judgment.

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  Resolution:  720 x 540
  Frame rate:  29.97
  Duration 1:25:18


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