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Joel fucks Connor

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DescriptionWhen both of the guys going at it in a vid are already hard as heck before they’ve even gotten naked, it’s a good sign!

That was the case with Connor and Joel, as each one was totally turned on, horny as ever and hard as a rock as their underwear came off. It was so hot seeing their stiff dicks appear as they stripped one another and what they preceded to do with those dicks was even hotter!

I can hardly blame either of these guys for being horny as heck. Joel was eager to get into some action with Connor for awhile, totally digging his tall, buff build and youthful face. Connor couldn’t help but respond to Joel’s enthusiasm and energy and I suspect he knew full well he was in for a hot fucking from Joel. Joel’s picked up quite a reputation among the other CF studs for being a total horn-ball and so Connor had to know he was in for a good time when they started to get into it!

Throughout this video, there are signs of just how turned on each of these studs were. Their rock-hard dicks at the outset were just the beginning! Connor’s moans, with Joel’s cock deep in his ass, are also quite the indicator! Even as both of these studs got ready for the fucking, they were so into how great it felt while Joel was rubbing his dick along Connor’s crack. It was clear neither guy could wait for the fucking to start! Once it does start, Connor totally gives his ass up to Joel, and Joel takes it! Furthermore, Connor was hard throughout the entire pounding! Beyond all that, though, their eye-contact with one another while fucking, along with tightly gripping each other’s hands, revealed some genuine heat there! At times, it was almost as if they each would have been more than happy feeling one another up and kissing, even without any fucking taking place!

Duration: 16 minutes

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Rel. Nov. 18, 2008
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