Cazzo - Match Maker

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DescriptionSummer, sun, holidays. But sometimes even the most perfect backdrop is missing the right guy to make it all come together. Fred and his lover do whatever it takes to ensure that no one leaves without a good fucking. In their villa they makes sure all the hottest men in the village hook up. Naturally Fred doesn't miss his piece(s) of the action. Together with the gardener, they fuck Demetrius into the ground in a marathon session. Fred picks up a big, hairy sailor for Tamas. But Tamas' greedy hole needs more. Fred naturally picks up the slack, happy to give him what he needs using every trick in the book. At the end of a long day, the cute young runaway, Elias, also gets his fill of fat cock, taking it up the arse for the first time. Afterwards, it's time for the two matchmakers to have some fun with each other, and Fred can relax as he finally gets the hard-earned fucking he's been waiting for.

1. Elias Sharif, Issac Mazar    2. Fred Faurtin, Alberto de Palma    3. Fred Faurtin, Tamas Eszterhazy
4. Issac Mazar, Tamas Eszterhazy  5. S.Y.B. Martin, Demetrius, Fred Faurtin  6. Jack Van Dean, Benjamin Stark

Coverboy Fred Faurtin and his lover take a villa on the sea and receive mail with photos of hot men inside. This is supposed to get the story going. Instead, it takes us to the dock where Fred cruises a dark, tall, hairy, sailor, and for whatever reason that is never explained, shows him a photo of hot tattooed stud Tamas Eszterhazy and takes him on a trail back to his villa. Meanwhile, Tamas is cruising the waterfront on his own and lures tight bodied little hottie Demetrius to follow him. They arrive at the villa and Tamas spots Fred naked in the window, goes in, and goes up the stairs. Instead of seeing this encounter, we get Demetrius locked out and forced to spy on the hot gardener who is jerking off under a tree next to his rake. Suddenly, Fred appears and a three-way ensures, which ends up in Fred's bedroom.
Got it? Well, Demetrius sure did, from both ends, as he winds up fucked and stuffed with bratwurst dick on both ends in a scene which emphasizes both how a hole can be stretched (brilliant close-ups of the extended opening) and worked until everyone splashes themselves to satisfaction.
Meanwhile, Tamas finds his sailor in the villa and gets a long taste of a truly magnificent dick and a deep fuck for his satisfaction -- the sailor plays strictly trade here and the scene is down and dirty. Tamas is exhausted from this exercise, and lays down for a nap.
A bear cop visits the villa to complain about the naked men standing in windows, and Fred's boyfriend invites him in for a drink. While he's fetching it, one of the house guests appears naked and passes the cop's inspection, and they arrest each other's cocks within seconds. The cop knows who's in charge and gets his dong worked out orally and anally as the house guest (who's clean shaven head contrasts nicely with his slightly furry body) gets royally plowed.
Meanwhile, Tamas has awakened from his satisfied nap and finds a smiling Fred waiting to plant a hot kiss on him and worship his body, nuzzling down his fuzzy abs to a smashingly beautiful dick that is lovingly engorged by his host (the sailor missed a big feast here). But it's Tamas who has the bigger target, feasting on Fred's bazooka so that it can stand at full mast. Fred then plumbs Tamas' hole with a wet, sloppy tongue lashing and plows his cock into it, missionary then doggy then back to missionary, slobbering his face and body with kisses until he oozes the cum out of Tamas, then mingles his own juice with it all over his prey's abs.
Hot-bodied Elias' mother finds his stash of gay porn magazines and throws him out of the house, which leads him to the seashore. There Fred finds the boy, who's a cross between a skinhead and a scaly, on a rock and cuddles him and takes him home for some real cuddling. Elias grabs his host and forces a kiss on him but Fred stops him and leads him downstairs. There in an alcove, legs spread and huge cock waving, is our hairy sailor, and the scorching scene, best of the movie, begins. The young Elias falls upon that shaft with a hungry mouth and soon has the pole reaching to the ceiling. The sailor is ready to plunge his torpedo into the shaved boy and does it doggy, then switches to missionary for a full-force fuck that ends with the boy screaming as he cums and the sailor pouring his juice all over him and a kiss ends it.
Fred's boyfriend is ready for his turn now and enters the bedroom in faux leather regalia and worships at the font of Fred's groin before lifting his legs and plunging in. After satisfying himself he gets flipped on his knees and plowed from behind by Fred, eventually rolling into a scissor position during which he cums while Fred is in him and then waits for Fred's coating.
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