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Fever (1998 avi)

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Description83 minutes

Falcon Studios FVP-119

Director: John Rutherford

Cast: Jeff Palmer, Drew Damon, Tristan Paris, Tom Chase, Thom Barron, Derek Cameron, Kristian Brooks
Review by Flapjax:

Oodles of rough-and-tumble assplay figure into this excellent John Rutherford film that features all of the Falcon hallmarks: hot boys, carved pecs, and diabolical dongs.

Lushly photographed, this tale concerns a just-reunited American and Argentinian couple who meet insidious German Thom Barron in a bar. He mickies their drinks and lures the American, Tristan Paris, into a restroom liaison. In retaliation, Tristan's other half (Argentinian Jeff Palmer) disappears with a stranger for the same. Palmer ends up at a basement dungeon for fisting and sling activities (nobody cried for him - they just moaned!) which leads to an abrupt morning confrontation at home.

Deeply hurt emotionally, Paris heads back for more super-huge krautcock (this couple is royally fucked up; it proves that the prettier your partner, the more drama you’re asking for). But when he returns, Palmer is ready to fly off. But, oh he can’t, because they’re in, uh, "love." Whatever. (See you two at the club next week!)

No, it's not a healthy romance. No, it's not a good monogamous relationship role model. But hey, this is a sex vid, right?

That it is - and a very, very good one to boot.
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