Thug Seduction/Entertainment West - Breakout (Lo, Creamz & Dre Sexy)

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DescriptionMinding his own business on a cell phone in his parked car, Creamz is quickly forced to either deep throat a .45 mm black handgun or choke on a 4 + 5 inch dick. Lo makes the unexpected dude eat dick for a minute but long dick Lo moves the aggressive blowjob out of the car and into what he thinks is a house.

A few thuggish shoves from Lo, verbal abuse and complete domination is interrupted by an innocent Dre Sexy who comes downstairs in a bathroom.  Shocked at seeing dude giving another dude some head at gunpoint, he almost missed seeing when Lo quickly pointed the gun in his direction.  Lo threatens to blow off Dre Sexy's head if he didn't come over, drop the towel and get his dick wet by Creamz.

A facial fuck soon turns into anal assault by Dre Sexy.  With no resistance or fight, butterball booty Creamz takes a brutal blunt force fuck, until he's shot with two creamy sprays of cum from both his assailants' meaty pistols all over his chest. 
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