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CMNM Henry and the very SAME model's First Auditions

23 years old
6ft 4 (1.94m)
Boxers are accustomed to being physically close to other men. There's the intimate physical inspection and weigh-in before matches, intense personal impact between sweaty muscular bodies in the heat of the fight and full body rub downs from trainers afterwards. But macho champion Henry has never experienced anything like this session with these expensive top photographers and feels intense embarrassment being so exposed and humiliated for their special artistic shoot. Despite being a big tough powerhouse he's essentially a lunkhead and utterly obedient to his manager's demands giving the pervy photographers free reign to use and abuse the naked body of this athletic brute.

Henry initially revels in the professional attention he receives from us, but grows uncomfortable when we start fiddling too closely with his nuts and arse. His manager insists on total submission because this is an expensive shoot and time is pressing on. Confused and overwhelmed by the demands of his superiors, the moronic sportsman is soon crawling naked on the floor and spreading his arse cheeks so we can bury our noses right up his sweaty hole. It's exhilarating asserting our dominance over this muscular boxer trembling with rage knowing he could lash out at any moment.

Henry is nervous being left entirely in our hands and subjected to our deviant methods of posing his naked muscular body. His big manly arse is very hot. It's necessary to open up his hole and wear down that animal heat emanating from his privates. He's accustomed to dealing with the pain he receives when fighting in the ring, but the intense deep feeling he gets from us invading his incredibly tight hetero arsehole is excruciatingly acute. The big dumb lug is ready to tear us apart but wouldn't dare defy his coach. Under our stern command he learns to bend over and do as he's fucking told.

The pressure is on for Henry as we surround his naked body completely, groping him all over to selfishly enjoy every inch of his fit muscular body. Being sexually handled by other men in this way disgusts him, but he has a job to do and once he lets his barriers down he can't stop his sensitive prick from getting really stiff from being so expertly manipulated and stroked. We love the pouty angry expression on his face when we leave him drained and covered in his own cum.

Henry as "Scott" in his very first screen test FirstAuditions.

United Kingdom
Tax broker
23 years old
6ft 4 (1.94m)
Scott came dressed to impress when auditioning for porn. Being a well brought up professional young man he came in as if he were interviewing for a bank job. I appreciated the gesture, but it doesn
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