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♺ Dick Wadd - Palm Springs Wet Dream

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2007-06-04 |
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Themes:  DVD, Leather, ThreeWays/Orgies, Water Sports
Studio:  Dick Wadd
Duration:  111 minutes


Mr. Australia Leather, Andrew Lennox, is trying to beat the afternoon heat in Palm Springs. He settles into a chair in his tent, hoses himself down, and begins to doze and dream. He awakens in the middle of every pig's dream: in the dog cage, being pissed on and in by 6 hot stud cocks. Four of the pissers make a beeline for wetter pastures and leave the Aussie mutt in the capable hands of Titpig and Bud, who taunt the hell out of him. They piss on him, verbally abuse him...
rip off his shirt and use it as a piss rag, wringing it out in his mouth and using it to tie his hands behind his back... while they munch and work his ass and torture the fuck out of his tits. Bud can't resist chowing down on Titpig's seasoned piss- and cum-filled jock. The fucker had over 300 piss loads and 50 cum loads in it. WOOF!!! The boys then go for it in an ass-eating frenzy. Chow chow chow!!!

Lennox decides he's taken enough crap from the evil twins, so he turns the tables and gives them a taste of their own medicine: tasty wads of spit and mouthful after mouthful of sweet piss from his 9" uncut beer can cock. They weren't complaining...one bit.

Andrew Lennox and Austin Black, with two horse cocks that could feed a starving 3rd world nation, plow the fuck out of Bud. Andrew administers several piss enemas and cums up Bud's hole three times. At one point, we see his cock gushing cum, then he slams the cream into Bud's hungry hole.

They take turns filling his ass with piss and cream and opening it W I D E. Andrew dumps a final load up Bud's ass, then Ren Adams pounds his cum-filled hole.

Austin Black can't resist, so he slams his horse cock up Bud's still eager crater. Austin puts a hurtin' on Bud's asshole, cramming it full, then pulling out, teasing it with his cock head and pulsing it...as the others watch and dump piss loads all over Bud.

Lennox and Black double fuck Bud with their 9 x 6'ers. Imagine 9" x 12" up yer ass. WOOF!!! Then Titpig has a run at the stretched manhole. Titpig, who easily slides his hand into the overused hole. POP!!! Bud cums instantly. However... Ren has a MAJOR bladderful for Pitt, and Pitt returns the favor, wetting Ren down from head to toe, then sucking the hot, steamy piss out of his jeans. YUM YUM!!!
at the instant he starts cumming, Titpig hits Bud's bladder with his fist and the EXPLOSIVE result is THE ONLY SIMULTANEOUS CUM AND PISS SHOT EVER CAPTURED ON FILM!!! Nothing like this has ever been shown on video, and it TOTALLY BOGGLES THE MIND. After that mind-shattering ending, the action shifts to a more sedate desert grotto, where Frank Pitt is sucking a load of Ren Adams's
Rod Thompson then takes his turn using Bud's hole, paving the way for... Austin shoots a major load, then crams it up Bud's ass with his hungry stud cock. While Pitt is eating Ren's ass, Marc Hamilton and Andrew Lennox show up unannounced and the men then retreat to the tub for a little action. Lennox guzzles his own piss and a few loads from the other men, then proceeds to fuck the living shit out of Frank Pitt. Lennox fucks both VERY HAPPY ends with his huge fuckpole, then passes Pitt around to the group to be fucked. First batter up is Ren Adams, who delivers a world-class pounding, then licks the cream off Lennox's cock as he in turn fucks Pitt again. The guys piss on and use Pitt, use him as a cum dump, then leave him to beat off in the tub

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