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DreamBoyBondage - Tommy - Delinquent Boy - Complete Parts 1-9

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Delinquent Boy – Part 1
Playtime: 14:55
18-year-old Tommy is a lean, wiry high school student. Stripped to his underwear, he is literally bolted to a wall. A blackout hood covers his head, making it clear he is utterly vulnerable and under our control. He has been sent to us by his school as an “incorrigible delinquent in need of extreme punishment.” We ask him if he knows why he’s here. “Because my teachers suck!” he replies through his hood. “Fuck you!” he exclaims when told he’s being pretty damn cocky for a boy bolted to a wall. Of course his bravado is just a cover for his fear. We rip his shirt open and are pleasantly surprised by his well-muscled chest and abs. We are equally impressed by the bulge in his undies. Let’s see if the riding crop can teach him some respect. Next week: Unhooded and whipped.

Delinquent Boy – Part 2
Playtime: 15:06
We yank off Tommy’s blackout hood, revealing the youthful face of a very pretty boy. “Fuck you!” he immediately blurts outs. “You aren’t going to break me,” he adds, looking down at his aching nipples, beet red from the crop. The kid looks so good, bolted to the wall in nothing but black briefs, his taut young muscles flexing with each blow of the crop. Let’s get a look at that cock. Tommy is humiliated and terrified as we yank down his briefs and caress his hairless pubic region and fat cock with the crop. The blows to his cock are unbelievably painful, but he still responds with screams of “Fuck you!”, refusing to submit to our authority over him. We bolt his neck to the wall. Now the real pain begins: A long, hard flogging up and down his chest and abs. Next week: Dick clips and whips.

Delinquent Boy – Part 3
Playtime: 15:26
High school boy Tommy can’t believe what is being done to him. He is literally bolted to a wall naked, almost completely unable to move, totally exposed and vulnerable. His chest and stomach are covered with angry red welts from a long, hard whipping. A large, powerful man who is an expert at inflicting pain hovers near him, smiling, demanding to be respected as his “master.” Tommy is terrified, crying from the pain, but he won’t break; he won’t submit. Then the man attaches a sharp, hard plastic clip to Tommy’s nipple. It’s like being stung by a wasp! Then another – and several more on his ball sack! Then on his dick – even the super-sensitive head! “See you in the morning,” the man announces and turns out the lights. It’s going to be a long night. Next week: Stretched along a post.

Delinquent Boy – Part 4
Playtime: 14:34
Young delinquent Tommy is stretched along a wooden post, his arms high over his head, handcuffed painfully behind the beam. The beam is slightly inclined to make him feel off balance. His balls are bound by a strange steel cuff. He knows something bad is coming – but what? Then the large man hangs a heavy steel ball and chain from the cuff. The pull on his balls is surprisingly painful. His body is starting to cramp. But the fear is worse. “What are they going to do?” Tommy keeps asking himself. Then he finds out: The man attaches two electrodes to the steel cuff: They are going to electrocute my balls! Next week: Extreme electro.

Delinquent Boy – Part 5
Playtime: 15:30
Tommy is utterly helpless and vulnerable. He is a beautiful boy, tall and lean, with silky skin and a sweet, boyish face. But he has an attitude, a need to rebel and a very smart mouth. We love watching his young body flex and twist as we send jolts of electricity into his cock and balls. “Turn it up 50%!” the man orders. “Oh god!” Tommy gasps, his eyes widening with fear. “Please, please…” he begs, as the man orders the power turned-up another 50%. But we show no mercy, shocking him over and over until his body is covered with a sheen of sweat. He begins to weaken, slumping low on the inclined beam. By the end, he can barely moan as the current flows through his balls, his limp, tortured body shaking like a rag doll. He will learn respect. Next week: Dick and nipple torture.

Delinquent Boy – Part 6
Playtime: 15:59
Tommy is forced down on his knees, his cock and balls still encased by the steel cuff, his arms strapped to either side of a sawhorse. Tommy’s lean, wiry body – bruised and red with whip marks – glistens with sweat as he flexes and twists. His cock and balls still ache from the electro-shock. Then the large man enters. Tommy begs for mercy when he sees the biting alligator clips heading for his nipples, gasping in pain when both clips dig into his flesh. There is something so elegant about watching a naked boy squirm in total agony from such a simple device. Then the man hangs a 65-pound chain from the boy’s cock and balls. Tommy is tortured like this, on his knees, for hours, a “cushion” placed between his legs not for comfort, but to absorb his piss. Next week: Ass whipping.

Delinquent Boy – Part 7
Playtime: 16:29
Tommy is now bent over the padded horse, his ass up in the air. He feels more vulnerable than ever. He’s been bound like this for over an hour, alone in a cold, dark cell. Suddenly he hears the man’s deep voice. “You’re a fucking delinquent! You still haven’t learned your lesson!” the man bellows. “Fuck you!” Tommy replies, his spirit still unbroken. We’ll see about that. The whip cuts into the boy’s firm, spread ass cheeks, leaving them cut with dozens of nasty lashes in just minutes. Then his lean back is whipped up and down until it is bright red, lash marks covering literally every square inch. Tommy screams and begs but the unrelenting beating never lets up. Next week: The whip and the wand.

Delinquent Boy – Part 8
Playtime: 16:02
After hours bent over the horse, Tommy is light headed, his muscles cramping from being bound in such an uncomfortable position for so long. But the muscular young man torturing him remains strong and committed, beating Tommy’s ass and back even harder. Finally, Tommy is removed from the horse and placed on his back on a low table, his wrists and ankles cuffed. His lean torso and thighs still show the scars of early whippings. Alone in the dark dungeon, he’s lost track of time, but it feels like he’s laid there for hours when the young torturer returns. This time he holds a strange device – some kind of an electric wand. When it touches Tommy’s nipple, he can’t believe the pain. Next week: Cums in pain.

Delinquent Boy – Part 9
Playtime: 15:20
Young Tommy shakes in agony after being repeatedly shocked with the electric wand, his teen body stretched on the torture table. “Crank it up!” the man demands. Tommy screams as his arms and spine stretch with each crank of the winch and his balls and cock are zapped with the electric wand. He’s left like that for hours, his spirit finally breaking. “Do you want to get out of here, boy?” the man asks. “Yes, sir,” the broken boy whispers. “Then show me some cum!” the man demands. Tommy lifts his agonized body from the table and obediently works his cock, occasionally looking up, hoping he is pleasing his master. He busts a huge load all over his whip-scared abs, then looks up at his master with pleading eyes, hoping for a kind word. It never comes.
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