♺ Satyr - Ream His Straight Throat 5 (avi) + Bonus

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2008-10-26 | unknown uploader |

A Satyr Films Production
Running Time: 129 Minutes

Our main objective here at Satyr Films is to live up to your expectations of what a video fantasy should be.
We are all tired of the same, boring porn.
The thing that separates us from the rest is the INTENSITY that we get from our performers.
We NEED the RAW and the EXTREME.


Sweet and innocent Erin was a perfect throat buddy!
Spit flying and throats crying, as he forced the thick, Satyr Cock deeper and deeper without taking a breath...

Straight boy Erin was always pushing his cock into his girlfriends' mouths not realizing how it felt to be on the receiving end.
We asked him what he thought of the whole scene afterwards and his only reply was that it was "an out of body experience," as a shy smile followed.

Erin was one of the best straight throat whores we have seen.
No matter how difficult it got for him, he never surrendered or retreated!


is a shy guy that needed money right away.
He and his girl had not seen each other for 6 months.
So we decided to help him and fly her out, but not until Louis would pay the price.

This Straight Stud was having the biggest trouble taking the entire cock in his throat.
Well, that just makes us hornier to try even harder.
Every single time we tried he gagged and choked.
So we had him take a break by eating a sweet juicy manhole for a bit till his throat would stop spasming.

He got a mouthful of our Satyr Load and a plane ticket for his girl in the end.
Austin, hope your girlfriend appreciates how much you love her.
You laid down your throat for her.


Believe it or not Jack has been following our exclusive Satyr man ROCK for a while now.
He finally got the nerve to sneak out for a couple of hours to try to find out whether he has what it takes.

Rock Throat Fucked the hell out this massive giant.
I doubt that anyone else has made Jack shed some tears like Rock did in this scene.

He had such an incredible throat, sucking up every inch, making sure he got the whole experience.
Jack needed money for a deposit to a new apartment with his girlfriend.
While his chick was scouting for a place for them, Jack's contribution was his gullet!

"We gave Jack a nice, creamy deposit of our own and his cum filled mouth was more then happy!


was such a lucky find.
This sexy young kid blew us away when he told us he'd let us throat fuck his sweet mouth.

This Straight dude had the hardest time getting our Satyr cock to fit in his inexperienced throat.
Constantly struggling inch by inch, he finally got it all in with his eyes blood shot and crying a river.

He took the thick Satyr load with no problem, except for a few dirty looks towards us for making him do something so non-straight.
Exceptional scene with a stud that has never even touched another man's cock.


Our Satyr Man exclusive Rock must have been missing his girlfriend before the shoot started because he kept calling out to her!

We decided to give Rock a real challange this time.
A 10 by 7 inch black dick!
Almost immediately Rock started crying and choking on this Massive Schlong!

Rock was in such ecstasy or pain (we weren't sure which) that he kept saying, "I LOVE YOU CINDY, HELP ME!" THAT WAS THE HOTTEST SCENE I HAVE EVER SEEN ROCK DO.
One day I would love to see his girlfriend on the bedside watching what we do to her man behind her back!

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