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DebtDandy - 23 (Tim Walker)

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Description"Some boys are really funny. They call you and ask for help. And if you tell them the conditions for an appointment (you know: we meet alone, I bring a camcorder to document my genuine counseling etc.) they start to discuss them. In this case he insisted that his girlfriend would be their as well. I was close to hang up when he finally agreed to the rules. I cannot exactly say what kind of guy I expected to meet but when he opened the door I was totally surprised. A cute, small blond guy with long hair welcomed me. If I would have met him on the street I would ask him for his age rather than expect that he lives together with a girlfriend. Anyway – I have tried all to make him feel like a girl himself that day;-)"
(from debtdandy.com)

Although the actor is not named, he is Staxus' Tim Walker ( http://staxus.com/trial/sets.php?id=1810 ). I think they're speaking dutch, but there are English subtitles (and not much plot anway).
They faff around setting up the plot for 10 minutes, before he starts hoovering up peanuts and lifting weights (naked, as you do). Agent 47 attempts to dildo-fuck Tim with one hand, then gets him on his knees for a decent amount of oral. Finally, Mr. Blues starts to awkwardly bumfuck him and finishes on his face. I think Bond tries to brush Tim's teeth with a dildo or something at the end, but stops when he gets a death-glare from his bored bottom. Tim is clearly not entirely enjoying the whole situation but I guess he grew to love it before he joined Staxus.

Cast: Tim walker, Vito Corleone
Video Format: MPEG-4 AVC
Video Resolution: 640x360
Audio Format: MPEG AAC
Audio Language: Dutch
Subtitles: English
Story: Barely
Length: 43 minutes
Studio: DebtDandy ([B]igsterCash)

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