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Strip Stakes 1 Braden Charron vs Tyrell Tomsen

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DescriptionBodybuilder Battle with Trunks on the Line

Bodybuilding is a sport, it has a season: regionals in spring, nationals in summer; fall is for resting and recuperating before bulking up in winter to begin again. Tyrell apparently missed that memo: it's December and he's jacked! Chiseled slabs tense and ripple in high relief as he flexes in a self-indulgent display that will thrill muscle marks and even entrances the cameraman, who can't tear himself away as The Arena door opens and Tyrell's opponent enters. "A posing session? I thought this was wrestling." It's a case of role reversal: fan favorite Braden's used to being the eye candy in the ring. He hasn't amassed the best record since he joined BGE, but knowing that it's his handsome face and pumped bod that puts asses in the proverbial seats even when he's taking a massive beating has been an addicting ego-boost that keeps him coming back for more. Barefoot and bulging in a barely-there blue bikini, it's obvious he intended to outshine his opponent in the way that matters most to so many, but Tyrell's physique intimidates.

Taking sly advantage, Tyrell challenges the hunk to an arm wrestling match. Braden's bicep bulges; Tyrell's veins pop. Big guns lock in what seems to be an even match. Braden's gorilla pressed multiple opponents in his career as proof of his power, but he's in over his head, literally: Tyrell is four inches taller and won't be denied. Humbled, already hurting, Braden blows it off . And when increasingly cocky Tyrell raises the stakes, challenging him to a ring match with the caveat, "If I win, I take your trunks," Braden's not about to fall for what's obviously a set up designed to leave him bruised, broken and bare-assed to boot. He turns to leave, not caring if rejecting a direct challenge costs him a paycheck or even his BGE career. But Tyrell has plans of his own: a soaring axe-handle to the back brings Braden's attempted exit to an abrupt end. And when Tyrell tosses him in the ring and lays into him with boot after boot, Braden's in for the fight of his life with his pride on the line.

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