Riain's Double Teamed - Tickling Punishment

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DescriptionPlease SeedBonus, If I can get at least 100 Seedbonus I will upload another video of this guy.

Riain was my slave for a long enough time to know that I didn't put up with excuses. If I tell my slave to be somewhere he better be there early. For the second time in a row Riain is running late. I decide it's time to punish him. I call his girlfriend and invite her over. We are going to tag team this asshole slave into tickling oblivion. "He hates tickling" Riain's girlfriend tells me. All the more reason why this punishment is so fitting for a disobeying sub! When Riain arrives I tell him he's in trouble. "But I'm sorry I overslept" is his lame excuse. He should know me better then to think this would work. I tell Riain to sit down, and in walks his girlfriend. Riain tries to act so manly around her. Well, today she's on my side. She wants Riain to learn some manners. She knows that I am the right domme to teach them to him. "Please don't do this!" Riain begs humiliated. I laugh as we strip his clothes off. We leave him in nothing but his boxers. Then her and I get to tying him up tightly. We completely spread him out over the table tying him so damn tightly. It brings a smile to my face seeing Riain's dilemma and how much control I have over him. Next, we break the news that we are going to tickle him, and he's going to have to endure it all. "Nooo!" RIain begs. He can save it because I already made my mind up. We double team him, and tickle the hell out of Riain. We leave no part of him unscathed, and he laughs hysterically. He turns red from the exertion. It's nice to see my bindings hold him exactly where I want him. He can't do a damn thing but laugh...and laugh...and laugh! This is such a great punishment and would bring poor Riain to his knees if he wasn't already tied and subdued. We continue to tickle him as he struggles the best he can. I even get some lube and a brush to tickle him even harder. It has the desired effect. Riain laughs so hard I think he's going to wet himself. Finally, I untie his feet. Riain would be a fool to think this punishment was ending so quickly. I grab my brush and the lube. I lather up his feet, and really get to work on those soles. We get lots of close ups here of Riain's feet. Riain won't be late again... I promise!
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