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Rio’s bad day match 2 - Rio Garza vs Bulldog Barzini

CategoryWrestling and Sports
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Description"Now we're gonna go pro," Bulldog shouts as he dumps jock-strapped clad Rio into the ring. And while Mike runs off to change into pro gear, the Bulldog goes to work on his hapless victim, tying Rio into the ropes and slamming some big forearms into the hunk's meaty pecs. Now wearing his red satin ring gear, the Pitbull hops over the ropes and slaps a standing headscissors on the rope-bound Rio. "Make the pretty boy quit!" Bulldog shouts.

When Rio finally does gasp out his surrender, he gets tossed to the center of the ring with two rabid drooling dogs watching his every move. Bulldog slams Rio down with a nasty forearm across his back, and demands that Pitbull do the same - "make me proud!" Rio rolls about, in almost unbearable agony in the center of the ring as the two heels proudly congratulate each other on the number they are doing on the hapless pretty boy.

They take turns tossing Rio from one ring corner to the other, until Bulldog hoists him up into a spine snapping bear hug! Rio is barely conscious as his foe shakes him from side to side like a limp rag doll - and now it's Pitbull's turn to work the bearhug! Mike's muscles flex and sweat as his trainer screams encouragement at him - until Bulldog wants another turn! The Bulldog and the Pitbull trade the latin lover back and forth between them in a bearhug competition! And then, in one of the nastiest examples in the history of BGEast double teaming, poor Rio get sandwiched - bearhugged from the front by Barzini while Pitbull applies one from behind. The muscleboy doesn't stand a chance.

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