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Proud hetero Will was only just recently in the comfort and security of his home. Now he's been reduced to a beast displayed naked on all fours. His arms and legs are secured to the bench and his mouth is stuffed with a gag making him drool pathetically. Dave inserts a sadistic anal hook into his sphincter and ties it to his head. This keeps the fucker's face pointing forward and his arse in the air. Just the way we want him. When he's given a lashing with a leather strap Will can't protectively move his bum away from the onslaught without ripping his insides out. Clips are attached to his genitals so he can feel the sharpened pinch as Dave tears each one off. His arse and face glow red from the punishment with copious amounts of spit spilling down his face. It'd be a shame to let all that slick hetero spit go to waste so Dave uses it to lube up the big nasty dildo. He inserts it up his throbbing rectum and orders the boy to fuck himself on it like a proper slut.

It's an integral part of Will's training as a new gay whore that he learn how to fuck his own hole. He sits back, but when he doesn't penetrate himself deep enough Dave rams the dildo in and out of his hole. Adrian greases him up with baby oil so his peach-pale skin glistens all over. If his girlfriend were to see him now she'd think he was just an insatiable gay slut boy who likes to be fucked relentlessly in seedy nightclubs. Adrian demandingly strokes his cock while his g-spot is continuously hit with Dave's fucking him. He can't stop himself growing a big hard on and ejaculating. Adrian laps up all his creamy straight goo and feeds it back to the whining fucker. Will trembles all over with the power of his orgasm and the fucking he's just received. To secure his genitals up for later use his emptied balls and sore cock are secured with rubber bands and chopsticks. He's delivered a final punishment where his sensitive arsehole, balls and piss slit are given shocks. Will is rendered utterly exhausted and helpless. His straight cunt now

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